TAR VS. SABR-13 post GU08?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ColdCheezePizza, May 2, 2013.

  1. ColdCheezePizza

    Is the SABR-13 worth premium certs, it sort of seems like the Pulsar C in terms of long range killability, but is priced at 1k certs compared to the Pulsar C's 250.

    I already have the TAR with adv laser and all the goodies, now that the specialized balance patch was released, needed something for long range situations, is the SABR what I'm looking for? 167 damage felt juicy in the VR
  2. Xind


    The SABR-13 doesn't really feel like it has a role in combat. Probably for the same reasons all snipers choose the bolt action over the semi auto. Your target moves or seeks cover before you can finish them frequently and you leave yourself incredibly open to being OHKed by a real long range weapon. Not to mention up close to even medium range I feel like the SABR is totally outmatched. Maybe if it had a 5 shot burst mode or even the capability to go full auto, but it doesn't and that relegates it to a strange range for effective use.
  3. WalrusJones

    I was a dedicated TAR user prior to GU08.
    Its fully upgraded for me, Double laser sights, 1X sight, A suppressor for nighttime combat....

    Now I basically just use the SABR, outside of large interior spaces, or fighting shotgunners.
    It is very easy to get long strings of medium range headshots with it, Harassing enemy troops who are hopping out to repair their vehicle, and SHOCKINGLY good at hipfire, if you do not equip the now (Unnecessary) compensator:
    Due to its burst fire, even at 600 RPM, you really don't experience any bloom from the bloom recovering in-between bursts.

    It is now a champion gun, even at stock (Which mine is.)

    Its burst fire makes it even easier to just fire the bare minimum shots to kill, and get away with it... And it looks cool in giraffe camo.

    The thing is: Good things recoil down, and bloom recovery only happens inbetween shots, but.... Pulsing the trigger at 300 RPM with the SABR is easy, making it so both happen with every other bullet.
    With the less then one FSR, you are basically landing two bullets without recoil, and then recovering from any recoil/bloom instantly.