Tanks buffed a bit too much.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by VengeanceD, May 5, 2013.

  1. VengeanceD

    As much as people were complaining about tanks being underpowered, in my opinion they buffed it a bit too much. Basically they nerfed most LMGs (Depending on your faction), added new guns for MAXs and buffed the hell out of tank's armor. The point is going against a zerg is riduculously stupid now, even more than it was before.

    Before you guys tell me go on and play another FPS if you don't like this one. Stop right there, I do like PS2, I think its a great game. It's just that with this last patch (GU8) I don't think SOE made a good effort into balancing Air, Vehicles and Infantry.

    In some scenarios, there's actually more tanks than infantry. Everyone seems to be rolling on a tank. I've had this experience many times were 10 tanks are surrounding a base and not even one gets off their tank to cap the point.

    I love new content every now and then, I think it's awesome SOE keeps implementing new ideas into the game.
    I'm an infantry man myself, rarely use vehicles. Dealing with tanks before the GU8 as a HA or Engineer had its challenges if you knew how to get around it and be smart but now is a whole different story.

    Some people will disagree and that's fine. We all have a different playing styles and perspectives but please don't fill this thread with insults. After all, this is my point of view that I'm willing to share with you guys.
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  2. HellasVagabond

    So it was fair that every single pilot could sneak behind an MBT and destroy it in a few seconds time ? Or was it fair for any HA to start bunny hopping and destroy an MBT with the stock launcher ?
    Cause that's pretty much what they changed.
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    I play HA and didn't even notice the change. Cry more.
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  4. VengeanceD

    I'm not here for insults.

    I agree, it wasn't fair. You're missing my point here: Air, Vehicles and Infantry wasn't balanced right. IMO
  5. Mambakiller

    So, you complain that a lone wolf infantry man cant kill a tank all by himself now?
    That is what you are saying, basically, right?
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  6. UnrealGaz

    tanks are in a good place now with all the AV and the extra AV added there viable now.wanna blow up tanks? pull AP rounds there devastateing to tanks now.
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  7. OddChelsea

    Actually a lone soldier still can. *hugs my precious C4*
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  8. VengeanceD

    Never said that, don't know were you pulled that off. And yes they can, if you get close enough for a C4.

    Tanks are in a good place now, indeed. I don't think Infantry and Air are though. I'm talking about balance here guys.
  9. UnrealGaz

    infantry will always out number tanks 10:1 if not more organisation>zerg as for air they weas ment to deter other air not farm the ground tank balance really is fine where its at.only thig id do is nerf AA slightly
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  10. Marked4Death

    That was a bit over the top, but a slight buff to rear armour was all that needed to remedy that. I also agree that tanks are overbuffed right now.
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  11. Uzii

    In a sense you are right, but I think the problem lies more with resource costs. MBT's especially, should not be spammed, they should be a precious but devastating thing to have with you, not this throw-away ride we have now. The Lightning fills that role, cheap, fast, capable in the right hands, but nothing too threatening.

    To be honest though, the entire resource section of PS2 needs to be thrown out and completely reworked from the ground up. The problem lies there, rather than with MBT's themselves. I won't pretend to know a solution to the resource problem, but I think a good start would be (for vehicles especially) increase the storage from 750 to something much, much higher, and have the resources trickle in at a fairly stable rate. Then increase the cost for the big vehicles, so the respawn timer isn't the issue, but the resources are. It's pretty flawed, but it would be a start...
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  12. Mambakiller

    NO, they ARE NOT.
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  13. TheRealMetalstorm

    Tanks are still vulnerable when within bases and other places where there are lots of cover. About 4-5 HAs can easily deal with a tank in close combat inside a base.

    Outside a base, it's a different story. A squad of lock-on HAs on an elevated position can still very effectively lock down armour. However, it's much harder now, as it should be. Tanks are the kings of the open field. Not cardboard boxes with wheels that scream "lock on to me, i'll need another 30s to reach the next cover!"

    You see, infantry should not be able to do much against armour in open fields. Armour is meant to push the front lines up to a base, where sunderers behind the main tank front start spewing the zerg into the base.

    Infantry cannot deal with tanks as they roll in the open fields between bases spontaneously. They must pre-setup their area denial Lockon Launcher / Lancer hills/nests beforehand.
    Liberators should be retooled and reworked to fill the niche of handling armour as it crosses open spaces.
    ESFs should be retooled to units for enforcing air superiority.
    Tanks are the battering ram, to ensure that sunderers get to where they need to go, and deal with any other tanks that try to stop the tank/sunderer column
    Infantry are the ants that will surround a tank and annihilate it if the tank strays out too far.

    Ever played Halo? Harassers are the Warthogs/Spectres of PS2. A very much needed niche IMO, although they seem to be too tough against tanks - they should not have access to dedicated anti-vehicular weapons IMO (aka the enforcer) since they're so fast and have a relatively good health pool for a light transport.

    Well, that's all I can think of.
  14. Zenanii

    As with any balance change: give it a week, then post.
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  15. Gary

    With the sheer amount of AV weaponry available combined with ESF's, infantry that do not render but still do damage, AV Mana turrets, Weapons that can be fired from behind cover, Weapons that can be guided to the target... all of these ruin tanks.... With alln of these in the game i would expect tank to be rolling death machines of incredible power if this is the stuff needed to bring them down...

    However they are not,.. They are a waste of certs and get killed instantly from ESF's or get blown apart in seconds from a squad of infantry not even in render distance... Tanks are Abysmal and will likely be abysmal for some time.

    AA still only remains an annoyance for experienced pilots who can get in, get half the clip of Rockets out to kill the tank and then get out without once taking a rocket... Air is massively broken and way to powerful.. will it get changed? Unlikely...
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  16. VengeanceD

    Yes, air was made to kill other air targets, but also ground targets. If you were a lonewolf on a tank or a foot soldier and died by air, you derserved it because of your lack of surrounding awareness.

    I guess you're right.

    I see your point. Everyone spends their resources like its nothing 'cause they know they'll get more in 5 or so minutes.
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  17. DrEvilPenguin

    So uhh...what's so unbalanced right now OP?

    Lone ESFs and Infantry will find it more difficult to eliminate tanks - as it should be.

    Liberators and squads of coordinated infantry should be able to deal with tanks sufficiently.

    What's not to love?
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  18. Ixidron

    Buffed too much means 1-2 extra rocket from HAs (meaning you can no longer solo a tank unless you have the rocket pouch cert or an ammo box nearby) and an extra HEAT shell, AP weapons, C4 and mines remain unchanged.
    Thanks to the new harasser, tank spam decreased a lot.
  19. soeguud

    problem lies in the entire resource system. SOE has totally dropped the ball on it because no one complains about it loudly enough on the forums - devs end up spending their time being influenced by NERF THIS BUFF THAT OP ERRYTHING NC BBQ and screwing up balance anyway.
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  20. VanuSovereignty

    Pattern of the forums wars:
    Something gets buffed, old counters are still effective
    ->People pretend that those counters don't exist at all
    -->People complain about it on the forums because they refuse to learn the counters