Tanks 101?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Glenndal, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Glenndal

    Looking for info on how to drive/shoot with a tank, and when its correct to pull them.

    Is it always better to pull a faction tank than a lightning?

    How is driving a lone tank different than being in a group of tanks? Is it even worth pulling one solo?

    How should I position around a base to be most effective?

    What certs are most important?

    y'know, stuff like that.
  2. strove

    Heres my take :
    Faction tanks are great but if youre playing solo, they are slow, youre still going to be out gunned compared to a 2 man faction tank and they take longer to repair. There is some validity to going AP main cannon and anti air secondary to keep you going but otherwise im not sure id bother going solo faction tank unless your a magrider... because magriders... (mobility counters the slowness)

    I reguarly pull solo tanks, mostly lightnings, youve just got to be on your toes

    driving near spawn points or through larger bases gets you killed. Infantry in close quaters is the most common death for any tank. Swing out wide of a fight, find a good angle, get used to your gun (strongly suggest a 2x zoom) and dont camp for too long. Be aware of your surroundings.
    Learn what sound a liberators engines make, that sound is death.

    Cert wise your engineer kit is just as important as you tank kit. Repair tool should be maxed at the very least. I play an intel and control solo tanker setup. Spitfire turrets for an early warning system against infantry, tank mines for a helping hand vs other armour or flanking harassers. Repair grenades and bandoleer are under rated for a proper tanker build, they stack with your repair tool for lower down time after taking damage. Implants, i run Sweeper Hud and Ammo Printer. Sweeper again for intel, youll see mines in time to stop just infront of them and youll see C4 being placed before it gets triggered. Ammo printer keeps you going without having to go find an ammo sundy or tower. Theres a lot of merit in Ransack however but that depends on your engagement ranges, as i mentioned, i keep my distance, Ransack is great on harassers though.

    As to the tank itself, i run proxy radar, again full intel. All enemy infantry will pop up on the mini map so you can either back off, or hunt them down. Fire suppression is pretty clutch too for on the go repairs and... putting out fires... Chassis is personal preference, i like racer on my tanks. Main cannon, same deal, however once you are familiar youll be able to get direct hits on infantry with any gun so the AP is most versatile. 2x zoom and max reload speed are must haves. For faction tanks, in a solo loadout id run the walker secondary, its a fast firing anti air gun that can act as a deterrent against the odd plane but also acts as a good anti infantry weapon, ive killed many a C4 fairy with it.

    Top tip, the AP cannon on faction tank or lightning will 1 shot a fighter, 3-4 shot a liberator, this issue is elevation, so drive up a steep slope and plug those hero hovering planes that are farming your infantry. Against a liberator, your best bet is to not be there... That being said, in a pinch an AP shell or two followed by the walker fire is usually enough to scare them off, if not set them on fire. If it a large pop fight, odds are its not just you hitting them so they may well go down anyway.

    As a solo tanker or small group, its important to pick your fights. If you fire at one of 7 planes, expect that they turn around and murder you. Same for tanks if theyre not distracted. Unless they are already engaged, expect any target you shoot at, hit or miss, and their buddies within 100m to come after you...
  3. Danko

    Very good info there.

    Does anyone have experience with the Prowler's Rampart Wall?... Is it good if you use the tank to protect sunderers and/or infantry?
  4. InexoraVC

    It works somtimes if there are a repairing sunderer next to you or engineers. Mobility is the key to tanking and you should never stop. If you stop to repair, you should always deploy spitfire turrets (2 for engineer) to protect your tank from LightAssault C4 attacks.