Tankers what do you feel about the current maps??

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  1. Kumaro

    So yeah what the title says. As a tanker how do you feel about current Map designs.
    Indar, Esamir, Amerish.

    Pick one to talk about or perhaps all of them. just avoid a thick wall of text ^^
    I don't mind infantry and Pilot opinions/perspectives to just try and add that at the top of the post then ^^

    Personally as a tanker mainly TR and prowler driver.
    Amerish was a kick in the nuts for me. The map doesn't even feel big it's feels super small the moment i sit in a tank. Like it's one giant labyrinth im playing in and my tank carries very few things that allows it to perform well in it. There are no open good fields where tanks can duke it out. The one promising place is cut in half by a giant wall.

    The rest is like playing alien(yeah the movies those things) with infantry. And there is almost no where to run as a tank. The design doesn't even favour stealthy tank play just because the path ways are so limited you need to play it really chicken to avoid getting killed by angry rebels or crazy fanatics. and the short range of tank shells (this based on playing in areas seeing larger combat and bigger pushes)

    And then again since i sit in a prowler the tank the least suited for this continent i might have a bit of a one sided view on things haven't had the chance to play on my other chars there yet. Also it's not 100% like this above i have had good runs. But there are simply to many situations where the tank is simple useless.
    When i run as a tank driver in my outfit. I hate Amerish with a passion :/
    As infantry i love it and as Air i love but as a Tank driver the map is horrible..
    Will post Esamir and Indar if this thread gets interest
  2. Nayrx

    the maps aren't bad. But the tank physics need some help.
  3. Tuco

    As a world of tanker player I say, "dang I hate this as much as a world of warplanes player hates biolabs".
  4. BengalTiger


    Especially when the enemies absolutely don't expect it there.

    Driving is really challenging, but if someone does not give up (and gets Racer 3 to have that extra push), there are paths to be found (of course I wish there were a few more here and there). Some parts are quite fun, many paths are not too obvious so nobody ever expects a stealth Lightning to appear from them, which bring it right behind the zerg.

    My longest run on Amerish was over 40 minutes in a Vanguard, during which the enemy lost quite likely over a dozen vehicles (from Flashes to Magriders), a Scythe and 3 gunships (OK, one flew solo and crashed into a mountain when it apparently tried to aim the Dalton at me, so let's say it doesn't count).

    It was just me and a gunner versus them all.

    I sent a message, "Finally somebody did it" to the person who killed me. Died to C4 after wrecking yet another Sundy, this one from maybe 10 feet away.

    Amerish is also quite a strange continent - unless there's a frontal battle over a choke point, the Harasser is mighty useful due to being able to jump over mountains. Harasser country in Amerish is much bigger than tank country.

    Depends if South or North.
    The Canyons are pretty much Afghanistan with bazookas hiding on each and every cliff. I personally prefer to bring the Liberator down there.

    The North?

    There's cover once someone looks for it, or at least a hill once every several hundred meters which allows for maneuvering, ranges of 500-600 meters, sometimes more, which actually require some proper gunnery, best area for a tank war....
    If only the AV turret wasn't omnipresent- it often has an adverse effect on tank battles, as the enemies never run out of them, or even run out of ammo like they do with every other thing in the game.

    The big cliff that separates the continent into the Seabed and the South gives plentiful shooting ranges provided one occupies the high ground.


    I really enjoyed the old one better, both when tanking and when not. Now there still are open spaces, but it's definitely not how it looked like before the revamp. Open spaces are too open, sometimes there's no serious cover for literally a kilometer down the lattice lines (South of Octagon for instance). Bring in the hazy weather and one gets stuck 500 meters from the nearest safe area facing a zerg.... or in the current edition of PS 2, LiberatorSide, a lone Lib which eats 2 shells and climbs above the firing arc.

    The close spaces are often too close and the battle doesn't play as a "which side shoots and maneuvers better" contest, but rather "which one has more tanks and C4 fairies".
    Otherwise they're just not tank country unless a Harasser is considered a tank (it's not).

    The AV turret people need to put some effort into getting a field of fire.
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