[Guide] Tankers, help me out. Rule Book 4 secondary gunners

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  1. Wibble44

    I like both Matt879's and Lord_Avatars' replies. First because it is reasonable and the 2nd as it highlights there are 2 side to it. I would just add 2 things. That talking is the key thing over all and, 2nd, that if I see you sitting in a tank firing away at a base with no top gunner I'll get in, regardless of class, as any top gunner then is better than none! if you then kick me and tk me cus I'm not an eng I will c4 you AND I will look for you to respawn and kill you again. Any idiots that TK for that reason deserves to be killed twice. Its a game with massive differences in experience levels, expect mistakes. Takes me back to the talking to your gunner point!
  2. FieldMarshall

    Reminds me of Excalibur from Soul Eater with all them rules.
    You can be the best tank driver in the world and have a fully certed awesome secondary gun, but nobody is going to gun for you because of infinite silly rules to follow.
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  3. Slandebande

    I think this deserves some moderation, there have been quite a few times where I have been saved by my enemy Q-spotting me within audio range, without opening fire to begin with, giving me time to react. I have also had gunners spot targets that have then reacted on the audio cue, and turned around. While in general it is nice to spot things, I find that there are situations (at least when utilizing my flanking play-style, which is the only fun way to drive in my opinion) where automatically spotting everything is NOT necessarily a good thing.

    The same goes for spotting aircraft moving high in the air 400m to the west of my tank, while I'm moving east. Yeah, they are there, but I don't really need them to be spotted.

    While a mic is very nice for someone who isn't used to gunning tanks (or just gunning for you), it is less necessary once the crew starts melding into a single unit. I've recently started gunning for a Magrider gunner, mostly for fun, and over a couple of days our teamwork has evolved into us not having to communicate much to know what the other is thinking. For instance, I know when he wants to get our and repair, simply by the minute changes he makes to his driving pattern just before exiting the tank for repairs. I also know what sort of situations he wants to repair out of, when he wants fire or flank harder.

    I would say Tank Mines are much more effective than the other options out there, simply by virtue of being able to set-up traps. Granted, for someone who likes to hug the zerg they won't be getting much use of them (you don't get much use out of being with the zerg either), but if you adopt a more "ballsey" play-style which involves flanking, where there is a significant risk of unexpected company dropping in, Tank Mines can save your bacon in amazing ways. Without spelling it out and giving away all my secrets, my Tank Mine Auraxium did NOT come from delivering pizza's and killing infantry with them.
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  4. ZomboWTF

    thanks, i will keep driving my AP lightning and laugh at you when you get C4'd in your 1/2 MBT

    seriously, a microphone and vehicle channel chat is the best thing to communicate with your secondary gunner,
    expecting your gunner to kill C4 infantry is kind of stupid, with the magrider you can evade them pretty good, and with every other MBT just turn your turret and make them regret running towards you, most of the time the secondary gunner has a lot less time to do this because of the higher minimum raise of the weapon

    the best counter against C4 is location, location and... you guessed it: location
  5. Vosrash

    I actually feel that medics make the second best gunners for all ground vehicles in the game for a few simple reasons. One they are capable of reviving your *** if you happen to get unexpectedly sniped/airgunned down while attempting to repair the vehicle therefor preventing it from going to scrap because you can't get to it. Two they will typically carry around at least rank 1 triage if they even think of entering your vehicle so you'll probably be back up to full by the time the next rep break spot is found. Finally, that big mass of foot traffic can be ran over almost guilt free for just a momentary pause of him tossing a rez grenade at the dead bodies. Is it big on revenge options? no. However it is the second most likely class to carry C4 to blow up obstructionistic a-holes that plug up the only access point for a column to go through, because honestly they really aren't worth wasting bullets on.
  6. Sixstring

    Now I am usually the driver in these situations but for everyone (like me) who will let any and everyone into their tank just because they need a gunner and they don't like trying to communicate with some middle-aged neckbeard with a speech impediment who's constantly telling them what to do(who usually just gets them killed even faster and then complains more),for the love of God if you lose over half of your health pull behind something so we can repair. Also if you are a random gunner getting in a random vehicle just check the weapon sight's to see if I have thermals (Hint: I always do) And lastly never bail in the middle of nowhere,you're probably going to die and what was you're gameplan after escaping anyway? Is that one possible death really important in the long run compared to continuing to fight and possibly pulling off the victory in a heated battle? (which happens all the time) Yeah I get outnumbered alot but I know what I'm doing all you need to do is shoot until one of us goes down. I think alot of this from people having no experience driving or gunning for vehicle,some people get in and it's like a different world to them. The problem is they don't want to earn that experience because keeping vehicles alive takes decent situational awareness and aren't all that easy to use.
  7. Maphreal

    While I know this was at least partly in jest, but if you get buttmad and run me over because of a mistake, I will C4 you and your vehicle upon sight from now until eternity. My propensity for petty vengeance knows no bounds.
  8. Calisai

    Lol... I'm confused by this.... Friendly tanks block advances? Don't you just go around or over them? If you have time to send a tell and/or c4 it... you have time to maneuver around or hop over it. ;)
  9. Calisai

    Yup, at the very least, cultivate a good friends list of capable gunners.

    Driver / Gunner relationships are very symbiotic. If a gunner is good, and supports the driver properly, then they are rewarded handsomely with plenty of kills and XP. Bad gunners don't get rewarded well and don't get invited back for the next run.

    Even in a Mag, a horrible gunner is worse than going 1/2... and there are usually plenty of people out there willing to gun.

    That said, if i'm picking up a random gunner... you're considered guilty (of being bad) until proven innocent (of having good gunner skills). I will drive differently once I know you are competent... until that point... you aren't going to get my best, because I can't trust you. That's why outfit & friends lists gunners are preferable.... I can trust them. My trusted gunners are rewarded handsomely.
  10. Captain Kid

    haha **** off. I don't even gun any more since most drivers are suicidal *******.
  11. Buttwasp

    Yeah, that's pretty special, sunshine. I've little doubt plenty of other players will be approximating the giving of a **** some time really soon. What a laugh. Of course, the overwhelmingly vast majority of players don't read the forums, so the milling throngs will continue to do as they've always done. I suppose perhaps you consider this some manner of 'fair warning' to them, even though they'll never read it, so that runing them over for having had audacity sufficient to get into your pew-pew car might somehow feel more justified. The proper response, of course, should you run over such a player, is for that player to come back and C4 you. That's what I'd do. I'd wait for your next pull and C4 it, too. You silly little ***.
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  12. DK22

    sounds like you had a bad night.
    I've been told more than once, do not lean on the Q key! just giving us away.
    anyways, most of those I do anyways.
    this is just a little rude about it.
  13. Tyrant103

    "Don't waste ammo on Infantry using a Halberd, Saron or Enforcer"
  14. Shootybob

    List should be scrapped for the purpose it is obviously intended, pubs.

    1) Don't waste my ammo
    2) If you want to gun, commit, and don't bail randomly
    3) Spot anything, and everything. If I spot something, it doesn't necessarily mean I want you to shoot it.
    4) Don't jump out and rep, unless I ask you to
    5) Have basic communication functionality. If I speak to you, speak back.
  15. axiom537

    Rule #1 - Never let a PUG get into your vehicle, Only allow someone that is in Teamspeak with you, that is an active member in your outfit or at least someone that joins your TS and plays with your outfit occasionally.

    No need for more rules. Live by Rule #1 and life is glorious!
  16. Archiadus

    Whenever I'm driving an MBT the only thing that I really care about is that the gunner doesn't shoot at vehicles until I've started shooting unless it's to protect the tank from getting blown up by nearby infantry.
  17. Shootybob

    This is a bigger deal when it comes to infiltrators. If you are in a vehicle the "giving us a away" aspect is trivial. It doesn't pop you up on their map. It just has the audio they can hear, which is trivial.
  18. XsolarflareX

    I'm a little surprised by how many people will only allow engineers access to their secondary. I find some of the most hilarious times and most fun come when I get random classes in my top gun.
    I've had snipers, who, when we get hit by mana turrets or heavies behind cover will jump out and pop them in the head, instant threat reduction, while I repair the tank. Light assaults who jump out mid fight to c-4 a tank that is tunnel visioned on my mag, ending a fight I would have lost due to being jumped, and my personal favorite, medics who allow me to repair right next to a contested base. Some sniper will nail me as I repair, send me a tell about me being a newb then realize i'm back up and in a repaired tank blasting his buddies vehicles to pieces. I love how each class brings their own personality to a fight.
    I'll take any class and never gripe about what it is. I pulled the tank, thus it's my responsibility to keep it up and running. The gunner is there to make short work of the people who would try to stop me. And to have a good laugh, all work and no play make jack a dull boy.
  19. DrBash00

    + Supress fire if a enemy tank dont saw you until your pilot starts shooting.

    Because your guide is for "random players" i think this would not work, but in general i always let the Gunner repair first, because the main gun does more dmg.(i play mainly AP)

    On the point of "not here for farming".... sometimes it works better if you shoot all the infantry first, but this depends on the situation.
  20. Rikkit

    Rules for TankDRIVERS

    Rule#1 you get an Random Gunner, and you're running stealth?
    Tell your gunner about it. He has no chance to know it, and that he should be extra carefull with his triggerfinger

    #2, you was verry happy with one of your gunner, and have so many rules for the Gunner as the OP?
    You may want to add him to your frindlist, and invite him to tankruns in the future.