[Vehicle] Tank vs infantry balance

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kumaro, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Kumaro

    So just returning to the game a bit again. And i am wondering how is the current vehicle vs infantry balance in game.
    How are vehicles (mainly tanks) currently performing?

    Any changes lately?
  2. HomicideJack

    Harassers are still broken AF and nobody wants to do anything to change that. Takes 4 rockets/tank shells to kill 1.

    Other vehicles are perfectly balanced, IMHO, as an infantry player.
  3. Pacster3

    Most of it. Skyguard could get a more skill-based gun(spray and pray is crap)...and main guns of Vanguard and Prowler deserve a nerf(to get in line with magrider). Especially sucky if they shoot down starting ESFs at towers etc..
    AV weapons deserve a buff, especially rocket launchers an AV-turrets should need 1 shot less.
  4. OldMaster80

    As far as I am concerned the situation is not terrible. A vehicle spec as AI is extremely effective. Infantry on the other has many ways to counter vehicles, so many pilots still cry in pain.

    That being said some weapons still are totally underperforming somehow. I.e. the AV Mana turret is bad, it lacks range and damage considered it's a deadly tap for Engineers.
    The Skyguard remains the same old mediocre deterrent against air and utterly bad against anything that does not fly.

    Regarding air ESFs remain total ******** with tons of free perks and unmatched speed / flexibility / armory.
    The Valkyrie is the same old crap, with the difference CAS-14 is devastating against infantry, the Wyvern has been nerfed and all the other guns are so terrible no one use them at all (Helion, Pelter Pods, VLG)
  5. Armcross

    There are also builders in the mix.
  6. HomicideJack

    The Magrider has strafing and mobility as its speciality. The Prowler and Vanguard main guns are fine.
  7. asmodraxus

    You are aware that under 250m strafing becomes irrelevant, as for mobility well the Prowler is faster, and that kind of negates the slow mobility.