Tank Mines and C4 are OP

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  1. Weterman

    Those players that take a tank mine, sneak up behind a tank, place it, and kill the tank in one shot like that. Anyone think they're OP? Not many players do this, so it's not a problem, but if everyone started doing this, it would be a problem.

    If you're in a lightning, and a light assault flies on top of you and places a tank mine, you're dead. It's nearly impossible to hit a light assault in the air, so the lightning doesn't have a chance.

    I don't think they should be removed, but limit them to the engineer class. A light assault can easily go to an ams and place c4 near it and not get shot, because anyone that shoots him will have his teamates in the way.

    And c4 should not destroy tanks in one shot. It should do 3/4 damage to the tank, so an engineer can't just place a c4 and blow it up and get the kill so easily.
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  2. z1967

    What kind of acid are you on right now? Did you mean C4? And no, C4 on the Light assault is not OP considering you can kill them with your carbine 3 times over before they can detonate both bricks.

    Tanks are not good against infantry when said infantry is flying and less than 20m from them. Then it is time to back up (rip vanguard and your 20 kph reverse speeds lol) and bring out a carbine against the C4 fairy. If they take you by surprise, well, your problem not the game's I guess.
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  3. Verviedi

    Agreed. I'm sick of my heavily armored tank having to frantically back up because a BR20 LA is bunnyhopping and chasing me with C4. It's ******** that I have to GET OUT OF MY HEAVILY ARMORED VEHICLE and shoot the guy with my pathetic little peasantrifle.
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  4. BlueSkies

    I suggest you go to VR and try out some of your theories... I think you'll be surprised!
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  5. Hatesphere

    when everyone and their grandmother can no longer pull a tank at moments notice, then maybe we can talk about toning down C4; as it is now though its trivial for anyone in the game to grab a tank at any time, more so now since you can pull lightnings from any vehicle term, and if you can live about 5-7 minutes you got yourself a new tank. The only thing I might agree with is mines need to be changed up a bit, its not good that people are using them like adhoc C4 bricks/IEDs they simply should not be stack-able in one area and engineers should be given more mines to compensate to allow us to have real area denial mine fields instead of little balls of hate on the ground composed of 2-3 mines.
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  6. Leftconsin

    If a light assault is chasing you with tank mines, you have no hope.
    If you pull a tank and you didn't check the pad for mines, you have no hope.
    If you open fire on a C4 faerie and you blow up the C4 he dropped while it was falling and accidentally TK the tank he was dropping C4 on... seriously I've done it and had it happen to me.... then you have no hope.

    NO HOPE!
  7. Lewk

    This thread is going places...

    But seriously, you are going to get bias from tankers and you will get bias from infantry.

    As someone who does both, i have to say that you NEED to have c4/tank mines to balance things out. As it is, the exponential power you gain as an armored vehicle against infantry is very high. You no longer take small arms damage, and there isn't anything outside of C4/Tank Mines/Another vehicle that can destroy you 1v1. A heavy with a rocket launcher is not going to kill you solo. You could literally stand next to your tank and out repair him before he runs out of ammo (but im sure you will 1 shot him before that happens).

    From my perspective as a tanker, the only real "oh ok" moments are from DRIFTER light assaults who bail out of a plane to float down to you. Regular jump pack light assaults are not a threat if you are paying attention/using radar. But hey, they went through the effort to waste an ESF just for the chance of getting you with C4, so more power to them.

    Conclusion? It is pretty well balanced.
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  8. Copasetic

    Isn't that a bit like me complaining that I didn't have a chance once a sniper headshots me?

    Truth is I did have a chance before he fired that shot, and likewise that Lightning had a chance before the C4 was dropped on it. Maybe you should move around a bit more.
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  9. Who Garou

    In case it was confusing, the point of anti-tank mines and C-4 is to destroy vehicles.

    You could always buy up your top or rear armor if those are you weak spots.

    I'm not a good shot and I have taken out quite a good number of light assaults while they were in the air.

    If you are in a tank and you are letting infantry swarm you, you are in too close.
    If you want to be in that close you should try arming your tanks with anti-infantry weapons instead of anti-vehicle weapons.
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  10. [HH]Mered4

    I am a tanker and infantry and a pilot. Tank mines and C4 are not OP.

    End. Of. Story.
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  11. ajma

    Tank driver here. C4 and mines are ok.
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  12. Selrahc4040

    There was a time, long ago, where whenever a man wanted to go somewhere, he had to walk. But man, being a lazy creature, spent day and night devising schemes to get around more easily. First came domestic animals, like horses. Then, when the effort of sitting his horse was too great, he invented the carriage to ride in comfort. Seeing that that method was too slow, he devised the steam locomotive, to carry him through the countryside with an ease and efficiency never before seen. Finally, one man decided to wrap it all up into one package: the gasoline-fueled piston engine. And, mankind being mankind, we weaponized it. Put it in our trucks, aircraft, and, most importantly, tanks.

    We created metal colossi that roamed the battlefield, laying down a barrage of lead with their devastating firepower. What made these beasts yet more terrifying was their speed. Imagine it - an anti-materiele cannon mounted on a chassis capable of over sixty kilometers an hour, compared to the meager footsoldier's five.

    In short, if you allow a suicidal infantryman to chase down your vehicle (which moves more than ten times his speed), let him lay his explosives on your metallic rear, and finally step safely away and push the trigger, it's likely you've been piloting that thing incompetently. C4 Fairies can't hit moving targets for their life. If, however this happened at a shorter range; say, like an Amp Station, then it may be prudent to stay farther away from buildings and equip an AI secondary.
  13. Anomalous Entity

    C4 is OP? No it's not... it's exactly like it is in Battlefield X... That's what the designers want. A copy of another game. never mind that Planetside has more to offer, the devs want to emulate their lesser cousins so they copy other games.

    Call of Doody has quick knives? WE need quick knives!

    Remember, they are making a console game now, and console kiddies don't understand teamwork and massive battles, so the devs have to dumb down the whole game to accommodate the idiot console users.

    You don't like the dumbing down? HAHAHA! Who cares what you like, pay your money and shut up, or come here and post because its just like shutting up because devs don't come here.

    You people post like your opinions matter, don't you know only the PS4 players matter now? Buy something and shut up.
  14. Xeilin

    If you think C4 and Tank mines are OP as a tanker you should be using a proximity radar since your style of tanking apparently brings you very close quarters with infantry.
  15. SpartanPsycho

    The ONLY possible reasons for the OP rants. (logically at least)
    AV weapons.
    -Powerful (im talking to you 80% damage c4 brick)
    -Easy to use IN MOST CASES.
    -Maxes can change loadouts at a moment's notice.
    -Rockets are free and cost nothing (and regrettably can be resupplied anywhere) <--- Certable 'Ammo capacity" for ammo packs?
    -Infantry can die and spawn back into the fight in less than 15 seconds and require 700 certs for c4 and around 300 for MBT killing capacity.


    -Constant hate telling hate raging crying screaming and abusing of vehicle users by infantryside.
    -Tanks are cardboard compared to killing capacity
    -Tanks require around 5000 certs to get a "certed out" one <--- You can spend 10000 certs and not make everything great.
    -MBTS cost over half of your resource capacity.
    -MBTS should be titans of doom on the open plain, but teamwork, (lockon squads, engi av nests, enemy tanks, mines, av weapons ect) would take them out.
    -As ColonelChingles so eloquently put it: "the game where you can survive a 150mm HE tank shell landing next to you, but you can't survive a piddly knife stab" <-- sorry if I misquoted you, thanks for your awesome contribution to the vehicle players.

    Things that I agree with both tankers and infantry side about.

    MBT's need more seats and weapons, but should be SQUAD weapons like liberators should be.
    Lock-ons for vehicles in general should be hard to use. (anti-lock-on maneuvers etc) but once a lock is obtained and the rocket is fired, unless you have fire suppression, you're dead. (vehicle kills should count against the purple medal, SOE.)
    Front and side and top armor should be EPICALLY hard, but the turret and the rear should be very vulnerable.
    Add disable vehicles
    Vehicle hacking and grenade fun.
    Allow hacked vehicles to be used by friendlies. (hacks vanguard, TYRANNY/TECH FOREVER! *shoves barrel of gun up enemy rears.
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  16. Problem Officer

    Tank mines are fine.
    C4 needs an arming time, before the throw not after.
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  17. BobSanders123

    MBT resistance to C4 needs to be buffed so a single brick will only do around 55-60% damage.
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  18. Hammerlock

    the most tanks need 2-3 bricks to blow ... a vanguard simply popping his shield up and is for a short time invincible
  19. Klondor

    The only thing i would change is removing C4 from the medic's utility slot, in favor of replacing it with the shield bubble. Yes, i know they're "Combat" Medics, but no where does their class description read "Demolitions Expert"
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  20. Alarox

    I only have specific issues with C4 (like how much damage a single brick deals), but in general I think both C4 and tank mines are fine.

    Also, here are some numbers. http://ps2oraclestats.com/monthly-vehicle-deaths/


    C4 Total: 13%
    Tank Mine Total: 6.37%
    Combined: 19.37%
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