tank mine 2 how is it work

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by sdfsd, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. sdfsd

    mine1 i can care 2 mine, what is mine2 different
    sunderer car i have to buy what to support change class
  2. FluffyM

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  3. Ghostfox

    I.... I want to help... but I just don't know what is being asked!
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  4. Compass

    Mine Rank 2 gives you 3x mines.
  5. sdfsd

    class engineer what different between tank mine 1 & 2
    sunderer car, buy what to have revival & change class
  6. KestrelM1

    Rank 1 of Tank Mines gives you two mines to carry - and is the maximum you can deploy at any one time. For example, if you dropped two mines, resupplied, and then dropped two more, the first two would disappear.

    Rank 2 of Tank Mines lets you carry/deploy three tank mines at once.

    For the Sunderer, you must certify and equip the Sunderer Advanced Mobile Station (S-AMS) in the vehicle's Utility slot.

    Hope that helps.
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  7. Soylad

    +1 for interpretation. I hope he can understand your very helpful response.
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  8. ben4345

    Could this be why NC is losing?
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  9. Marzipanzer

    But has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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  10. Patooie

    Clearly ESL but that doesn't mean he/she doesn't know that the pointy end should be directed towards the bad guys.;)

    And by bad guys I mean Smurfs and Barneys of course.
  11. Volcanus

    On my server this seems correct.
    No one talks on my server either. Or they stay in private squads.
  12. sdfsd

    buy what to change enemy equipment become our side
  13. Noobins

    That's an infiltrator thing. Just walk up to an enemy terminal and hold E.
  14. Dixa

    this is incorrect

    i have dropped two mines, resupplied from a nearbye sundere, dropped two more. i've done up to 10 mines this way. they don't disappear. they also dont disappear on death.

    they WILL disappear if you change classes at any time. they also appear to have a timer on how long they will exist but not sure on that length.
  15. Phichi

    Unless this has been changed since earlier today, that is incorrect. I'll double check when the servers come back up but afaik you can only drop the number that you can carry or else one of the previous gets despawned. Also you can drop the mines and change classes and they will stay in play.
  16. KlyptoK

    You can buy that kit-thing-I-forget-the-name-of in suit certs that lets you carry up 2 extra mines outside of your dedicated mine upgrades.
  17. Mafarett

    If its working this way for you submit a bug report, otherwise they should be working the way Phichi described.
  18. Gearlock

    Well for making mine what for posting?

    I can 3 mine care for what making vehicles down, but vehicle down making cost with care mine.

    Moar mine can care for what cert when levelled? What for level cert for care mine 4?

    I don't understand what mine for use on vehicle down but care mine for 3, or 2? Will be cert for mine carry down on vehicle make for what?


    Thank you, good night.
  19. Redndead

    yeah ive done the same with AP mines doesn't despawn the first when i only have rank 1
  20. Dvine

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