Tank/Liberator Changes Update

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  1. Ketadine

    So you're nerfing the Shredder and replacing it with the Dalton ... ok ... why should I use the Shredder in the future if the Dalton is better ?!
  2. Zorg

    I know there is a lot of criticism from pilots and gunners who don't want to lose their farming machine, but be assured the big majority of the player base is thanking you for trying to put an end to the low risk/high reward thing that is the Liberator against infantry, the current situation is so ridiculous and hopefully these updates will properly address the problem.
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  3. Zorewin

    Finally! Liberator nerfs.. might be actually worth it to drive my tank again..
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  4. BarxBaron

    In all honesty I'm ok with the nerfs as long as all the Duster and non tankbuster noseguns become useful eventually.

    Especially the duster. The thing is a freakin' joke.
  5. Alarox

    The Dalton is actually getting the short end of the stick relative to the Shredder.
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  6. Flag

    Aye, even less ammo than MBT main guns.
    Feels a bit harsh that.
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  7. FaLI3N

    They can fly back to rearm. If there is anything to stop libs from a faction that has no adjacency turning up in fights that they are purely farming in then I am happy.
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  8. stalkish

    Once again?????
    Please point me to a place in time when the van had the best stats..
  9. Beastman

    Really not understanding the tank tears and I drive a prowler. The most ambiguous tank in the game.
    They have stats that you don't see, they know how best to manipulate the fights for everyone, not just for you.

    Tank reverse speed and acceleration will be made identical to the tanks forward speed and acceleration.

    Not sure if I totally agree with this but its worth a shot to see how it goes.

    Allows tanks to retreat without having to expose rear armor

    I know this sounds bad for infantry with rockets but if tanks think that they can charge in a bit more then they are more likely to be exposed to AV fire. This finally makes weapons like the vulcan on the prowler actually have a purpose again, slightly subjective viewpoint but hooray.

    Improves a tanks ability to evade C4 and other weapons

    Lets face it (and I do it myself) heroes with C4 have to be the biggest annoyance ever for *tanks* and ruin good tank fights sometimes.

    Primary tank turrets will be stabilized. As the tank goes over rough terrain, the elevation of the turret won’t change with it (unless it hits a constraint).

    We've only wanted this since beta.

    Being able to more reliably fire on the move opens up more tactics

    From a purely TR perspective we can finally use our apparent unique ratial ability that the prowler is supposed to be fast. (Yet has the only special that involves standing still....)

    Tank effective ranges are being reduced. This consists of adding gravity and slowing down projectiles.This should encourage tanks to get closer to the targets they intend to fight.

    I don't know, maybe you guys think being a million miles away in a tank and picking off infantry and vehicles out of draw distance range is fun. I don't think so, if its up, close and personal then the infantry may actually use their rockets on tanks instead of dumb firing infantry and people may start getting smart about pulling repair and ammo sundies etc. Just now its too much of a long distance spam fest, especially vs the vanu with their spider mags and overpowered PPA nonsense.
  10. Beastman

    Only thing I would say is, if you are making things closer you'll need to change the NC shield as just now its a tank battle I win button.
  11. libbmaster

    Full stabilization shouldn't be the maggies "think". It's something all tanks need. Having a basic, essential ability when no one does (but should) should not be a "perk".

    They should come up with something new for the mag.

    I agree, it could use a buff.
  12. libbmaster

    Well then the infantry would support an over haul! :eek:
  13. Flag

    First of all, statistics are limited. In particular the negative results statistics.
    Like "why did Player A miss, and so did player B?" Could be the same weapon, but both of them missed.
    There is no way the system can know the difference between a miss on a target that's 20 meters away, and one that's 500 meters away.
    That and based on the first version of suggested tank changes it would seem having the stats can be detrimental to making a good decision compared to playing the particular vehicle for extended amounts of time.

    You know, long range for tanks is further out than infantry render range.
    And really, are you complaining about being killed by AI or AV MBTs?

    Tell you what, the PPA came up as a topic (multiple in fact) on the Vehicle Sub, and the consensus was that the PPA was fine (it performs the role it's meant to), but the C85Mod and Marauder are lacking.
    The PPA (or ground ESAI) performs their one role, AI, and that role only. Nerf that and what is left of the gun?
    There is a difference between 'overpowered' and stronger than it's peers, and the latter being true doesn't automatically translate to the former being too.

    Well it "shouldn't", but it was. Now it won't be anymore.
    However, at this point I'm not expecting any reimbursement for the loss of my perk. Because 'reasons', I'm sure.
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  14. RemusVentanus

    After playing around with the changes on the PTS i can say they are just what i expected them to be... bad.

    While the stabilized turrets are nice the added gravity and reduced projectile speed is awful (AP). Hitting a driving target in the open at longer ranges is a pain and even worse if there is a lot of cover to dodge behind. And that is speaking of bigger targets like MBTs and Sunderers and not the small one like lightning or harasser.
    Oh and not to forget the speed increased to HE is just "glorious", infantry complain about getting farmed by it and you increase the projectile speed of it?!? Drop the gravity and projectile changes, they are nothing but bad.

    The reverse speed is just ridiculous when the enemy can now drive faster backwards (prowler with 70KPH) then you can forwards (Van 65 and Mag now only 60). Leave reverse speed as it is or maybe give it just a slight increase.
    Combat Chassis will only be good for turning/additional strafe speed now or will it get something else? And why would anyone now take Combat over Racer? Even as a Magrider i would take racer for the reverse speed, that measly 5 KPH more strave with Combat pales in comparison to what Racer offers.

    The Halbert and Enforcer changes... feels like throwing bricks, leave them as they are.

    Not surprised that these changes aside the stabilized turrets are bad....
  15. Ac3s

    Properly address the problem?
    The fault lies in poor base design and spawn points that are out in the open where tanks and aircraft can just shoot them the moment they step out, most of you think certain vehicles are OP but the truth is that they are not.
    With bases like the current ones people will always complain about being camped and OP vehicles, its not the vehicles, its the BASE DESIGN !

    btw do you have any idea how many thousand certs go into the lib before its actually playable? If SOE keeps nerfing stuff that takes a lot of time to unlock and a lot of skill to drive properly then what is the whole point of playing weeks on an end just to be able to use those certain things?
    Just look at another MMO for example, EVE-Online, where you need to train years before you are able to use better and bigger ships, you really think those game creators want a new player in a tiny ship to be on par with someone that has unlocked all the good stuff?
    This is what drives MMOs, the need to unlock better equipment that keeps people playing.

    Unfortunately most people playing PS2 want to play COD as BR1 infantry and not be bothered with all the other stuff.
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  16. Flag

    <insert "we ****ing called it - tankers>
  17. Pacster

    Wait a moment. All the time, Vanu have been complaining that their magriders mainguns gravity and speed is crap...and what did the other factions say? "But you can volley over hills with it and shoot in angles no other tank can! That's fair!". Seems like you don't wanna swallow your own medicine.
    None the less the acceleration buff and stabilizing turret is a straigt nerf to magriders that are already the worst MBTs in the game(due to slow speed, weak armor, crappy main cannon(not able to OHK ESFs, angle, slow speed, low damage, easily visible), need for second player to kill any solo enemy MBT). The only advantage that remains is that they can strafe from left to right...which is compensated by having to aim with the whole tank already.
  18. Flag

    The Supernova FPC(AP) can, the Supernova PC(HEAT) can't.
  19. Pacster

    Could....but given that you have to aim with the whole tank...that the gun is placed very low on the tank so you actually need to drive up a hill....and that the shots are slow and have a high gravity....the chance to kill an ESF with it is not comparable to that of a vanguard...even prowlers that need two hits kill wastely more ESFs than the FPC.
  20. Mechlord

    Correction: Just the Dalton currently. I was convinced the Zephyr could too, but it is not so.