Tank/Liberator Changes Update

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  1. that_darn_lurker

    In other words, let's pretend to solve the liberator problem. Instead, let's sell a lot of dusters! Its what marketing calls a "win-win".
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  2. CrashB111

    "Hey guys we are listening to your feedback, Tank changes going out with no input allowed, Liberators being held while we appease them."

    Way to give us the middle finger SOE.
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  3. Ripshaft

    Many of the posters fail to understand the non mutual exclusivity of "we're listening to the feedback" and "but most of it's completely moronic", among other things.

    Shame the changes have been toned down, I'd like to see a more dramatic redefining of the vehicle, but whatev it'll be okay.
  4. Flag

    Let's be fair here.

    "Only tank change going live this week is the turret stab. and vanguard acceleration. Grav/velocity on mainguns staying on PTS for a while".
    Not the best solution but baby steps people.
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  5. CrashB111

    Woo, now we all get stable guns, but the Vanguard is undisputed king once again since it will be the only one getting movement speed buffs.
  6. Alarox

    Everyone calm down.

    If you (just like me) do not want the velocity reductions and gravity increase to go on live then the solution is simple. Wait for the changes to go on test and then thoroughly explain why you do not want these changes. Insulting the developers gets you nowhere.

    If they put them on live even after we unanimously give constructive feedback saying we don't want these changes and why... then feel free to erupt. I will along side you.

    SOE has an ideal in mind for tanks and even if we completely disagree they're going to wait and see what we think about the changes on test. Especially since they've already spent the time coding the changes in.
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  7. Flag

    The acceleration change might not be what you think it is.
    It'll help people who just hold down 'W', but for those who are good at the gear pop there won't be any difference.
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  8. Alarox

    And what if that buff was 1KPH frontal speed? Vanguard OP?
  9. Ac3s

    That would make it utterly useless, they are already adding a new sound to the lib so who knows what kind of an impact that will have.
    Either way a lib going to the ground to tank bust something is really risky, having to stay low on the ground for twice as long is probably a death sentence.
    Don't you think that the reduction in armor and adding a sound along with the other nerfs to the belly weapons is enough already?

    Also think about this: having that perfect shot on an ESF with a TB is such a nice feeling, if they reduce the damage or increase ROF that ESF will just fly off and start sniping your lib from render distance where you can't even hit him with the shredder.
    In all honesty if they are nerfing the lib AA capabilities they should also make it so that ESFs can't snipe libs from such a long distance with max damage.
  10. Van Dax

    kph is not a measurement of acceleration
  11. Alarox

    I am very, very aware of that. My point is that this guy's post is ridiculous. He's saying that any mobility increase for the Vanguard suddenly makes it ridiculously strong and "king".
  12. Flag

    Useless? I think you're too used to the silly amounts of firepower the TB has.

    It's fun for you, I'm sure.
    What about the ESF?
    Or the MBT, lightning, Sunderer... you name it.

    And here I thought the Van was already the king of AV. How wrong I was!
    Sarcasm aside, this helps the "not good" players without upsetting the top-end of the scale.
  13. Van Dax

    certainly you must admit that the initial tank changes left the vanguard as the clear winner?
    Most egregious were the the reverse speed and velo changes, but an acceleration buff on top of stabilization feels unwarranted.
  14. Flag

    Unless they changed what kind of acceleration buff they're giving it, it's not going to help the ace tankers in any way.
    I'd put it down as a QoL change for NC.
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  15. Alarox

    1.) That has nothing to do with what that guy was saying. He was saying that any mobility increase makes the Vanguard "king".

    2.) The only change I'm for is the stabilization. I don't want the range reductions or the reverse speed increases.
  16. Scr1nRusher

  17. vanu123

    Maybe its just me, but these actually sound like fair and balanced updates. Make them slowly,listen to the player base, then adjust accordingly.
    Dalton changes I strongly agree with, it reduces low skilled effectiveness but drastically rewards accurate and well met shots.
    Zepher should remain as is IMO
    Shredder, I guess, but I really liked it, I suppose it is necessary to remove explosives all together, they could always just give it the same blast radius as teh saron.
    The Duster buffs are badly needed.
    Although why no updates on the MBT nerfs, I mean changes.
  18. vanu123

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  19. Van Dax

    I'm to angry for the internet right now.
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  20. libbmaster

    Thank you for being sane!

    People need to calm down and take this slow. SOE has already confirmed that the least controversial changes will be the only ones going in, with the more sticky stuff staying on PTS for refining. This is very good.

    If you can't think of anything positive to say about SOE's plans (and its okay if you can't!) Come up with a suggestion and post it here/on reddit/on twitter in clear terms and with as little bile as possible.

    Yeah his tone is a little patronizing :)( not what you want higby...) , but his point is valid: The stab changes might have been a nerf to the maggie, but the velocity changes were going to make it suck less, because the other tanks were getting nerfed harder.