Tank/Liberator Changes Update

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kevmo, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Progapanda

    This is factually incorrect.
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  2. Colonelveers12

    if you look at nerfs Sony does consistently you will notice they hate two things, Sniping and Tanking.
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  3. GaBeRock

    No, it's correct. If you look at the stats of A2A missiles, they shouldn't be doing enough damage to 3 shot an esf, but they do because they include blast damage.
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  4. Progapanda

    Fairly sure that's just because of the resistance values. If I recall correctly only weapon at the moment with AV splash is Dalton.
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  5. Ac3s

    Instead of nerfing all vehicles they should just re-build all the bases so infantry cannot be farmed right after spawning, the entire game is supposed to be combined arms but its turning more close combat and COD style with every "balance" SOE decides to create.

    Infantry can kill everything, but lets nerf all vehicles so they cant even touch infantry?!?
    Seriously all the bases are right next to each other and there is not much open space for vehicles to fight each other.
    Just remove all the small bases from the game, create some OPEN SPACE for vehicles to fight, buff all vehicles and make the big bases that remain relative safe zones for infantry.
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  6. Scr1nRusher

    or they could just remove HE tank rounds.
  7. Pikachu

    You and your HE removal. :rolleyes: Come on you know they are never going to remove weapons. Btw how come you dont make the same request for HEAT which performs justas good for the same role ans which more people arw using?
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  8. GaBeRock

    Dalton's AV splash is special because it hurts vehicles even without direct hits (tankmines and C4 do the same things.) All splash hurts vehicles, provided that the weapon used is AV and got a direct hit.
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  9. Ac3s

    Its got nothing to do with HE rounds, as long as there are 100 bases per continent and each base it almost an extension of the base next door there is never going to be room in this game where vehicles can shine and be fun to play.
    Main reason is because all the newbies come on the forums to complain and the result is that SOE nerfs the vehicles.

    I still don't understand why they cant simply use Planetside 1 as a template, it was such a great game and they tried to re-create it with the same vehicles, but for some reason the base designs and the amount of bases with lack of open space completely screwed up the entire combined arms strategy.
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  10. Flag

    Indirect is indirect.
    If it deals damage on direct hits, then it deals damage on near misses.
    If it doesn't deal damage on near misses then it doesn't do indirect on direct hits.

    Hence why the Saron HRB doesn't do the indirect damage to tanks but you can hit infantry.

    Because damage resist values and types.
  11. GaBeRock

    Again, if that were true, why would A2AMs have blast damage at all? I also see G2A lockons doing 45% of my health, when their direct hit damage alone should only be doing 1/3rd. I don't get damaged in an ESF from explosives going off near me either while I'm landed.
  12. Flag

    I guess that's how they do more damage to ESFs (and Valkyries?) than Libs and gals in an "easy" way without having to faff with more resist values.

    There was also a time when the A2A missiles could be dumb-fired. It was amusing trying to peg a tank with that. (Intentional choice of words)
  13. Van Dax

    esf's are vulnerable to small arms, this likely means they can be damaged by nondalton splash unlike other hardier vehicles.
  14. FourTwoFour

  15. Solaries

    The Mag's cannons were repeatedly nerfed b/c of stabilization. Now that it's standard what does the Mag get to make it competitive?
  16. Scr1nRusher

    because I know I'm right on this.

    they would if they sat down and did some number crunching of how much potential profit has been lost because of HE Tank Rounds making people leave there game over these years.
  17. Van Dax

    10,000 hours in paint. just for you

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  18. Flag

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  19. Scr1nRusher

  20. Dreadnaut

    TB just needs a RoF decrease


    Change dmg from 335 to 200 and Max Mag from 44 to 74
    Same dmg/mag but lower ttk.
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