Tank/Liberator Changes Update

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  1. Caserion

    Weren't Liberators bombers and ESF's their counter or something? Since when are Liberators supposed to control both the sky AND the ground?

    Here's my suggestion, just like i need skyguard escorts, how about you get your ESF escort...
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  2. xspike

    Its because all the belly guns got nerfed into the ground and utterly useless, the only reason liberators can still do "something" is because of the tank buster, once SOE nerfs this weapon as well you won't even see 1 manned libs in the air anymore either.

    I've seen tank busting only libs since well before the patch. I was saying they nerfed the wrong thing basically, because tank buster focused libs are defeating the purpose of libs. It should be about the gunner not the pilot, at least in my opinion it should be.
  3. Ac3s

    And what exactely are libs supposed to bomb if we cant even enter medium to large sized battles eh?
    Btw a lib is not a bomber, an ESF is not a fighter and MBTs are not tanks, people keep throwing around words that make no sense because nothing in this game is catered to those specific tasks, it all fiction and multipurpose.
    For example a MBT is a catapult(especially magrider),
    ESF a helicopter(if its supposed to be a fighter why does it have hornet missiles?)
    and a galaxy a whale that likes to eat everything it can possibly touch...need I say more?

    The only thing that's really specialized is the skyguard, everything else in this game is not, so please stop saying a lib is a bomber because its never been like this and never will be.
  4. Flag



    Or if you're going to be boring and only care about vehicles.
    P.II PPA?
    C85Mod? (although it's ... lackluster)
    Saron HRB? (it's fairly specialized these days)
  5. Lucerin_SolTech

    Why even feed into this nonsense? He's been arguing moot points for days now. Liberators may get a slight buff in the near future, but for now they better fit their intended role. He is going to whine no matter what you say.
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  6. Flag

    To be honest I'd like to see his response.
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  7. poojam

    Well you've successfully over nerfed the ammo capacity to the point of stupid which killed the A2A battles for the most part. If you get into a dog fight with more than one enemy, you'll probably just run out of ammo. Had multiple fights where we and the enemy just gave up and flew away to go get more ammo. Pretty stinkin pathetic if you ask me.

    I'm done with the petty crap. The game was really good 6 months ago. Some things actually had teeth. AV Turrets were useful. Harassers had teeth against tanks. Liberators had teeth. Maxes had balls. It's like you're nerfing all the vehicles down so people will go play infantry. Stop it.

    The underlying problem is the F2P model and the total lack of unique ability in weapons. You have set the bar so low that it really doesn't matter which guns you use as infantry. Now it feels like you're doing the same with vehicle weapons. Sony No Niche Entertainment.

    Phase 2....? No. I'm not sticking around for phase 2. Cancelled my membership.
  8. poojam

    Sick of this buff to buy model you guys have going on.

    It's obvious you view every aspect of the game from a spreadsheet and don't have a vision short of making money.

    You have CR people that come on here, say we're taking stuff under advisement if the community throws up their hands as if you understand. Then just do it anyways or maybe just do it at a later date.
  9. poojam

    I like how you locked the other thread down. Too much bad publicity?

    It was open for 14 days and has 50k views and nearly the highest replied thread in this part of the forum.
  10. Ac3s

    Thats because you guys sit on the ground all day and you have one perspective of the game, nerfing the lib this much doesn't effect you at all so its rather easy for you guys to say that lib pilots are whining.
    And just like Poojam just said, before things had teeth and now its just getting more and more boring, its not even fun to pull half of the vehicles in this game anymore because SOE just nerfs the them into oblivion and your running around uselessly more then actually doing some fighting.

    Btw I'm mostly catering to the libs inability to do some decent air combat, why do you ground people care about air combat anyway, you just want to see the lib extinct.