Tank Enthusiast looking for suitable outfit

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Dethfield, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Dethfield

    Im currently looking for an outfit with a good tank division/section/group to roll along with. Tanking has always been the thing I've wanted to do in PS2, but have only been able to do that some of the time. At this point, i just want to tank, not run around on foot or redeploy every 2 minutes. Just give me a tank and tell me what you need me to do.

    My main is NC, but i have decently leveled TR and VS alts that i would be willing to switch to. Im aware that many outfits do not see the benefits of tanking, and thats fine. Im just hoping to find some outfits that do use them so look into them and see if maybe I would be a good fit.
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  2. Bloodlet

    I believe Tactical Gamers is sort of the De Facto armor outfit for NC.
  3. oberchingus

    As far as outfits go, these days, I'd say TG for NC; BWC for TR; and DARK for VS.

    Lots of excellent tankers on all factions, but dedicated vehicle outfits are hard to find.
  4. Bloodlet

    That's the truth. So many outfits pull vehicles as needed or grudgingly allow people to occasionally pull in an infantry platoon but still take an attitude that it mars the pure infantry gameplay. I get that vehicles can't cap points but It's a lot easier to control a base when you roll in the tanks than when you just infantry zerg it with a few sundys (that you don't even bother defending).
  5. oberchingus

    There are plenty of players that pull vehicles, but I find most just do it for transport. Rarely do you see a tanker in a tank or a real harasser in a harasser. I'd say the TTK and re-capture of a base increases slightly when there is armor present, but if the players don't know how to use their vehicles (or don't care to) it's just another zerg fight, waiting to be farmed. Thankfully, there are a few competent tankers out there among the sheep, which usually guarantees an interesting duel: lockons and man-a-turrets permitting of course.
  6. Dethfield

    Thanks for those suggestions, but ive already looked into those and they were... unsuitable. Still looking though!
  7. Ostdarva

    Would you please elaborate more on the type of Outfit that you would like to find yourself in?
    Also would you say that if provided the resources are you able to train willing people in tank combat & tactics or are you more of a backseat and enjoy the ride kinda guy?


    (Also, here is an Evoc tank pull)

  8. Dethfield

    I am currently giving D3RP a serious shot since they have an established tank division. What i am looking for in general is most likely a combined arms outfit that has a solid tank division where i can pull a tank anytime while playing with other outfit members. I can teach things, but do not particularly enjoy leading.

    The problem i often encounter with most outfits (or pub squads being run by outfits) is that the tanks/tank divisions are not really their own seperate entities, but just "another tool for the infantry to use", pulled at the whim of the squad leader (who is running an otherwise infantry-only squad). After doing things like running infantry "because thats what the outfit needs" for 2+years, and being told "redeployside is the meta", at this point i simply do not want to do anything but tank.

    Another large issue ive run into is micro-management. I had a particularly unpleasant encounter with TG, where after following their squad perfectly, killing tons of vehicles and doing my job as a tanker, i was ordered by an SL "hide behind a builidng and ambush vehicles coming off the pad". I had no problem with the objective (infact i was happy to receive such an order), but the method in which the SL demanded i do it was simply foolish (the building was easily accessible by the enemy and i would have been easy C4 bait). Despite my attempt to explain, i was kicked from the squad. This kind of micro-management only hurts the tankers performance.

    In the end, i just want to be able to drive my tank, watch things explode, and get the infantry into the base so they can do their thing without having to worry about the PL ordering me every 5 minutes to abandon my beloved tank that served me so faithfully. And if in the end no outfit is willing, then that ok.
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  9. oberchingus

    Sounds like you have 2 options:

    1) Call GEICO for better Tank Insurance


    2) Lonewolf, if D3RP doesn't work out.

    Is TIW no good? Not sure what they're up to these days, but on Waterson, they fielded the highest number of quality Vanguard players.
  10. HythlodayDerpCompany

    Hey Deth, I appreciate you explaining to everyone that you're giving D3RP a shot. Having lead Derp Company for two years, and being it's primary platoon leader in most circumstances, our Mechanized Division works with Infantry, not for Infantry. After the holidays I'll be happy to show you our exciting Saturday Combined Arms Operations.

    Redeployside is something I personally dislike, even for Infantry, you don't get a wholesome experience from point A to B. You just get jerked around. As a platoon leader, the only time we ever ask Mechanized to ditch their vehicles is when we move across continent and they'd prefer not to road trip it.

    Management of our mechanized crew comes from it's leader in conjunction with myself as a platoon lead during operations, we understand that micro-management stifles tactical flexibility and lower-level leadership, so you won't be commanded by an Infantry minded individual where rooftops are neglected to be seen as a major threat. Instead, you'll be guided to your platoon objective by a like minded individual.

    Ultimately, I think you'll enjoy yourself here Deth, we use our mechanized as it should be, a separate element, when brought together makes Combined Arms, not Mechanized Infantry. I hope we can deliver on your ideal Planetside 2 experience. ;)
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  11. Dethfield

    Im certainly going to give it a good try. I also ran with Kodark last night and it was pretty fun. I can tell i need to make some adjustments in my playstyle though. Magrider is a different beast.
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  12. Alarox

    BWC and TG seem to rely on coordinating large numbers while DARK is effective with a handful of Magriders.

    I suppose that's preference.

    We have quality but not much quantity. A lot of our older tanking enthusiasts don't tank anymore or just don't play the game anymore. I'm still on pretty much every day and we do have a few people who like to use tanks though.
  13. oberchingus

    You're very special though and the exception to everything on Auraxis.
  14. Bloodlet

    I wish I could find this on NC. It seems like so many outfits are just infantry-centric and only pull vehicles in response to enemy vehicle forces if they do at all; as if pulling vehicles sullies the E-Honor of pure infantry gameplay.
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  15. Urban_Scorp

    Often times people forget (self-appointed leaders especially) that the point of a game is to have fun. Any given person has a different take on what fun is. Outfit members are not pawns to be moved for the leaders' own enjoyment, they are with those leaders because the members think they can maximize their fun while playing with those leaders. Nothing kills interest in a game faster and more completely than leadership that consistently sucks the fun out of their members' play time.

    D3RP Company is here to have fun first and foremost. As such, we do not dump on any member's fun. There are organized ops wherein we prefer people to (more or less) stick to a role, but it is a role they decide and they don't catch flak for asking to mix it up.

    You want to shoot an LMG at hordes of infantry? Cool, we have a place for you and like-minded people to play with.

    You want to play Knights of the Sky and laugh at the filthy peasants below? Cool, we have a place for you and like-minded people to play with.

    You want to hunt down enemy vehicles or kill infantry by the dozens in a vehicle of your own? Cool, we have a place for you and like-minded people to play with.

    Need a break from Planetside and a bit of a change of pace (like me)? Cool, we have a place for you and people who wouldn't mind tagging along for some adventurous gaming.
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  16. Icedude94

    While ReconTeamSix isn't big enough to run platoons with dedicated tank units, we have excellent tankers who use them when they will be most effective. We'd be happy to have you...especially as it will free me up to do more air to ground. We are not an infantry only outfit, we are a combined arms outfit.

    Why waste manpower pulling 10 tanks when 1 or 2 will get the job done?
  17. Calisai

    I've found this to be more and more true as changes are put into the game. There really is only 1 or 2 jobs that tanks do effectively.

    Destroy/Protect Sundies, Destroy other vehicles, Suppress spawns. 1 & 2 can be fun, but depend on the enemy using those things, and 3 is boring as f#8k... and really only something to do when 1 & 2 are not viable.

    I feel like the base designs and redeployside meta has pretty much cut out most of the usefulness of them other than to farm said targets above. Honestly, from the changes being handed down pretty consistently... I don't think its going to get better.... SOE just doesn't really know what to do when it comes to vehicles (both ground & air) and it seems like they just consider them infantry power-ups.

    Meh... maybe its just my 2-yr cynical viewpoint.... Don't get me wrong, I still have fun... I've just given up on them "fixing" anything with the vehicle game.
  18. oberchingus

    I've always thought this to be the case actually. Since they've nerfed every single vehicle into being weaker then originally intended, it feels like vehicles are basically sidekick to the infantry or to redeployside. Maybe something in between, like mechanized infantry.

    Back to Desert Combat?

    Imagine if there was a vehicle only combat continent - with ammo towers, V-terms and terrain for vehicle warfare. A massive sandbox for 3-way fights. I'd pay for that.