Tank buster oh really, hitting way to hard?

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  1. jaktrobot

    I think tankbsuter hits to hard on tanks, u are dead before u notice.

    Playing a magrider vs a lib who tankbuster u feels so unfair, unlike prowler and vanguard they can atleast shot back, in a magrider u cant do ****.

    Think magrider need a massive armor buff vs tank-buster and libs in general, after all we got alien technology, should be able to have some more armor vs dalton and tankbsuter.

    U cant drive a damn magrider anywhere before a lib comes for u.

    So what do u guys think about tank-buster?
  2. dstock

    Tank-Buster is UP, and needs to be buffed to be comparable with the Spur.
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  3. Sagabyte

    The tankbuster is op because there are no resistances applied when the tb hits. That's why tank busters are strong.
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  4. Sauce Sausage.

    Tank buster is actually the most 'damage per round' in the game, it can drop a galaxy in two rounds, not being enough, libs have Dalton, all mounted in a non fightable-back flying tank.
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  5. ColonelChingles

    I don't think that's correct. The TB is classified as an "AP HMG", in the same group as the Shredder and Vulcan. MBTs have a 60-62% resistance against these AP HMG types of weapons I think.
  6. Pikachu

    Have you all been lying under a rock since release? This weapon has been the same forever yet now all of a sudden you complain.
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  7. TheFamilyGhost

    Here we go again. Isn't event he slightest bit embarrassing to come on the forums and scream for the last weapon that killed you to be nerfed?

    Has it ever occurred to you that when you do it, you pull valuable resources away from making the game better?
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  8. Trebb

    Something HAS changed, do you know what it is? Libs were needlessly buffed, so the sky is *filled* with them now. I'm not arguing for/against Tankbusters, but with more libs comes more deaths by them. If people feel like they cant fight back, or it's not a 'fair fight', they either make a QQ post, or worse: Don't care enough and just log out FOREVARRR
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  9. Pikachu

    You thought the lib was useful before the buff? You still have the liberator popularity raise there on the american servers? Here I see as many as before the update.
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  10. Redderic

    The Liberator is a Hard Counter to MBTs; this Hard Counter is even more-so against the Magrider which has limited ability to aim upwards, cannot easily turn its turret, has low velocity rounds, and has neither the speed of the Prowler or the armor resistance of a Vanguard. Hell, an AP Lightning has far greater ability to defend itself against a Liberator, despite having the same velocity and less armor, simply because it can aim independently and can aim higher. The problem isn't necessarily that the Liberator is a Hard Counter to MBTs, the problem is that there isn't a Hard Counter to the Liberator.

    Bursters, Skguards, and non-MLG Pro ESFs are all hard-pressed to take down a single good Liberator. This isn't just a FOTM overpowered QQ on the forums issue... the Liberator has been OP since the release of the game; the first few months were dominated by Liberators devastating the ground game. This problem has been compounded with the recent buffs - but the problems were there well before.

    Hard Counters aren't fun. You can see a Liberator coming from a mile away and it doesn't matter; if you can't hide behind the shield of an Amp Station or under a good enough bridge, you're screwed. My strategy (which apparently isn't working), is to make it not worth their time... to evade and be as annoying as possible, to make a Liberator pilot not want to waste the time. But one good volley from a 1/3 Liberator is all he needs (literally 2-3 seconds to destroy a tank).

    Let's think back to a few months ago when the Vulcan Harassers were dominating the battlefield. It was the fastest vehicle that also had a quick recharging boost, had resistances through the roof, could repair while moving, could shrug off AP rounds, and (especially in the case of the Vulcan) could absolute tear up armor and infantry at devastating speed. A Vulcan Harasser could run up to a Lightning, shrug off its AP rounds, and destroy it in a matter for a few seconds. This wasn't fun, it wasn't fair, and there was no real defense against it, because after all... the only counter to a harasser was another harasser. So it was nerfed... bad. Continue on with this blindfold approach to how the Liberator is fine and how everyone else just needs to L2P; just know that by not coming up with viable solutions it will eventually be nerfed into the ground.
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  11. F1na1

    I'm a tank *****. U know the trick to avoiding the tank buster? Moving, situational awareness and not farming. If all else fails pull a sky guard. Or l2 p
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  12. Goden

    The entire Lib needs to be overhauled completely to actually fill some sort of role other than spamming and farming.
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  13. iller

    Tank Buster did what its name implied and Busted my Tank!!! :eek:
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  14. Forlorn Hope

    Situational Awareness Fail
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  15. Redderic

    Why don't we think about this one for a moment... Situational Awareness right? That would imply that if I am aware of my surroundings that I can adjust to shift the situation either in my favor or at least out of the adversaries' favor right? How does one adjust the situation in their favor if they see a Liberator coming? Hide? Run under cover? There isn't very much cover that will do much against a Liberator. Trees provide limited concealment, but not cover. Bridges and some buildings provide cover and concealment. God forbid you're not running stealth, as it doesn't matter if you see the Liberator coming or not.

    Or in short... situational awareness against a Liberator provides maybe 10 seconds to gain cover or concealment - which usually isn't enough time to gain either.

    As for keeping on the move and not farming... I'm in a Magrider.... we don't stop and we don't farm... not entirely sure what you mean there. You seem to think that only stationary tanks are vulnerable and tanks moving are not. As for pulling a Skyguard, valid point... if the Skyguard were a hard-counter and not a soft-counter. And clearly you also understand that a single Skyguard cannot take down a single Liberator. Further, by pulling a Skyguard you've essentially limited yourself to only countering air, while a Liberator can counter infantry, vehicles, and air in most load outs.

    Oh but yeah, I'll get right on learning how to play. Thanks for the pro tip.
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  16. Zenanii

    I am pretty sure they have actually nerfed it (quite substantially as well) since release.
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  17. Epic High Five

    This argument didn't help the Vanguard shield
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  18. Pikachu

    I mentioned it time ago in the heat of the discussions. Nobody talked about vanguard shield until last summer. Nobody talked about dalton vs ESF until last autumn. That be my memory.
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  19. Epic High Five

    Naw, pretty much everything about Liberators has been completely out of whack ridiculous when compared alongside the rest of the game and has always been complained about. The one thing I can think of that may fit this bill is the Shredder, which spergs have been using a lot more on account of it killing bursters and all infantry in well under a second regardless of flak/nanoweave in addition to being straight up crazy good at AA.

    I can't think of a single time since beta that the Dalton wasn't the best HEAT round in the game by virtue of having the AP damage type against tanks with HE-levels of splash murdering. It's slightly less crazy now but I don't gun Libs all that often and even *I* can murder infantry relentlessly with the Dalton. The Zephyr is still crazy insane good except nobody ever uses it because the Airsperg Hive Mind Does Not Approve, just like how the Tomcats had to get nerfed because Liberators simply DO NOT run flares so let us NOT EVEN ENTERTAIN THAT AS AN OPTION

    Nobody talked about Daltons vs ESFs until ~8 months ago because until ~8 months ago performance was garbage for a lot of people so flying wasn't an option. More people hit the skies, and more people can be louder than a few spergs.
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  20. Maljas23

    This ^