Tank Balance

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  1. Reclaimer77

    Salty? Uhhh I'm not the one crying for classes and playstyles to be nerfed.

    I've made my peace with the state of the game. If the Devs want the game filled with vehicles and a broken resource system that allows them to be chain-pulled, hey, fine. I'm just going to do my part to rid as many of them from my sight as possible.

    Don't bother. Connery is my new joint, doing Baka ops. BR22 VS with 112 all-C4 vehicle kills and counting ;)
  2. EliteEskimo

    You'll never get anywhere in life calling all your opponents points crying as they tear you asunder. It makes sense that you'd want to hang out on the easiest server in the game with on average the most horrible infantry players and least coordinated outfits in the entire game. Run, Run to connery.
  3. Serialkillerwhale

    For those of you trying to use the vanguard at a distance, I recommend "Peakaboo" tactics.

    Ie, fire once, get back in cover, reload, pop out, fire again.

    For this tactic, the Halberd is the ideal weapon, as it uses single high-alpha rounds rather than sustained fire.Ideally, this is done against a sitting predictable target (Read: Lockdown prowlers) so all you have to do is aim at them once and drive back and forth. Try getting into the bait of getting out of the tank to repair if your'e the gunner trying this.
  4. Reclaimer77

    Awwww, he thinks he's won the Internet. Isn't that cute...
  5. Sebastien

    Connery isn't thaaaaat bad.
  6. FateJH

    We are fairly laid-back by comparison, even when we conform to our own standards of being competitive.
  7. Jubikus

    People need to go and look at stats and stuff before drawing conclusions on weapons based on personal experience. People die to weapons time and time again and if its the same weapon they draw the conclusion that its overpowered. This was the case with the vulcan back in the day when there was nerf it threads left and right the problem being that it was statistically the worse performer of the 3 on MBT and pretty much tied with Saron on harasser. Now with the Gatekeeper it was statistically inferior on MBT likely do to tank maby getting getting a few last hits but since it was in last place the extra credit from this would only bring it in line with the others the OP factor of the weapon something that doesnt get tracked by stats was its suppression factor hitting guys and forcing them into cover to repair taking them out of the fight for periods of time this is why it was nerfed and the vulcan wasnt because the Vulcan didnt have this factor.

    Now what both weapons have in common is they are both TR and they were Both completely overused but this is not do to them being OP but simply because TR dont have better options to deal with vehicles in general do to their MAX AV being worse in class at AV work and having an ES AA launcher and not an AV one. This is why TR pulls many more tanks and Harassers to deal with vehicles.

    As for the new ES short range AV weapons i think they are pretty balanced the Mjolnir is the shortest range but can kill vehicles faster than a vulcan if they can get close enough to land all those shots. The Vulcan is the middle of the pack its super easy to use and has good TTK. Then you have the Aphelion which has the best TTK and good range but only if used properly with the burst shots.

    For the ES long range AV weapons there fairly balance i think the Saron could use a small buff. The Saron has a mag dump ability which makes it good for ambushing and decent for hitting groups of infantry hiding behind a hill at a sundy. The enforcer has good damage good rate of fire and the shotgun style reload means that whenever you dont have a shot on a target for small periods of times because of hills ect. you can toss rounds in and fire whenever you have target again this gives it a tsudo heat mechanic effect making it my favorate of the 3. Then you have the Gatekeeper which is the longest range of the 3 this makes it a good companion with the prowler as it likes to engage at distance where it has the advantage with lockdown the dps of this weapon is comparable to the others and the only real drawback is its low alpha damage which can make defending your tank against C4 fairys a bit of a chore.