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  1. WTSherman

    It'd really be nice if the Enforcer was a high-alpha secondary that was good for peek-a-boom, instead of the TR gun it is now.

    The main problem with the "Vanguard is a CQC tank" argument is that it doesn't really have the mobility to perform that role, and its durability isn't quite high enough to make up for that. It can't close distance to get into CQC well, and after it's engaged it can't easily retreat to repair/rearm.

    This means that *if* it's in terrain that allows a favorable approach it can scrap with *one* tank in CQC... and that's about it, it won't be able to fall back to its team's lines unless its team goes all-in to bring the lines to it.

    This means in practical terms the Vanguard is really more of a medium range second-line tank. It wants to sit safely in the shelter of its team, where it can be nurtured with ammo and repairs in a comfortable spot no more than 6 seconds from hard cover. A Vanguard can be highly effective temporarily moving to the front to make a push with the full support of its team, but if it actually tries to play aggressively and its team isn't behind it 100%, it will quickly find itself overextended and dead.
  2. Jake the Dog

    Awww heeeeellll naw the prowler doesn't need it. Speed is its armor.

    Not to mention its damage. Equip stealth, vulcan and AP.
  3. Taemien

    In a 1 on 1 encounter, the Vanguard works very well at point blank. The trick is to actually go full redneck and ram the hapless enemy tank. This prevents the Prowler from using its speed, as its stuck. And the Magrider will actually get wedged on top of the Vanguard and unable to return fire.

    Everything in PS2 appears to have a mass value of what can move what. Vanguards seem to get an edge over the other MBT's. I've got no data to back this up. But for some reason it just seems to work that way.

    I will say this though.. the Vanguard is one scary thing to fight when it is backed up. Then its armor really counts as it can't effectively be 'instagibbed' like other tanks by massed fire. But like I said before, each tank is pretty balanced for what it can do if played right.
  4. Jake the Dog

    i'd offer a amendment to that. Ram the prowler... Unless its deployed with vulcan especially. I don't know if people know this but a vulcan AP prowler will win in CQC... "if in the right hands"
  5. Taemien

    Good call there. Vulcans are goddamn scary. Anchor'd Prowlers with AP even more so. Its like an angry badger.. just leave it in its hole.
  6. Jake the Dog

    Flanking it is a better call honestly, usually they're sitting on some hill or behind cover where theres a dozen approaches behind them. So if you have a prowler problem take the extra minute drive around and shoot his happy a**. Or do the peek method with a gunner that has a halberd, OR line yourself behind cover so the only exposed part of the tank is your secondary and shoot him till he dies or undeploys which if he does the latter just go out, pop shield, engage in CQC. There are plenty of easy ways to dislodge a anchored prowler, ramming it though is not a good one though XD.

    (not so much aimed at you as the players that think the prowler is OP or that the vanguard is trash)
  7. TheFlamingLemon

    If you want to stay alive as a prowler, you're good. If you want to stay alive as a vanguard, fight magriders. If you want to stay alive as a magrider, fight lightnings.
  8. Jake the Dog

    ... Do you people not understand how to MBT?
  9. Jake the Dog

    Thats it, I'll make a thread about tank balance, how to's and s*** later tonight.
  10. Riksos

    I think the faction MBTs are very well balanced.

    In the lower right canyon area of Indar, having a column of Shielded Vanguards is impossible to push into without the right support on cliffs or in the air. Many of these choke-point type battles are where the Vanguards reign supreme. They can just take so much more punishment. If a fully certed engy are standing behind a Vanguard shooting at a fully certed engy repairing a Prowler or Mag standing still, the vanguard wins with its silly power.

    Now let's move out of the canyons onto open ground.

    The Vanu Magrider is easily the strongest "dueling tank" in the game. If you are a solo player and want to drive the big tanks, roll Vanu. The ability to maneuver with ease to the rear of an enemy tank with afterburners and then to plow into its backside all the while with your front pointed at them THE ENTIRE TIME is decisive. On open ground the Mag can quite literally hover circles around you with it's most armored side facing you at all times.

    Now to my faction, the glorious TR.

    What we lack in defensive prowess that the Vanguard has in spades, and lack the maneuverability the Magrider is known for...the TR have the power of "Projectile speed, reload speed, and 2 shots" Which means that TR prowlers make the single strongest long range artillery unit in the game outside of maybe extremely skilled Lib teams. A group of 2x zoom, fully certed lockdown prowlers sitting on the north hill above crossroads watchtower facing the Crown can lay down the most intimidating artillery barrages this game can offer.

    Each tank has strengths and weaknesses, and each has it's place in the army. No unit should be regarded by itself without considering how it fits into the larger puzzle.
  11. Dethonlegs

    The Aphelion will not help a magrider in any way if it crosses a vanguard in close. No shield needed - the mag is dead. Same can be said if a magrider crosses an AP prowler with a vulcan in close. No lockdown needed - the mag is dead.

    PS - the Aphelion only works well in close. There is a reason it's not the weapon of choice for seasoned magriders.

    If you use a vanguard or prowler and are not winning in close against a magrider then it's a L2P issue.
  12. EliteEskimo

    A few hundred C4 kills with ranking purely M-S rank on almost every stat on Dasanfall ,meaning I'm among the best when it comes to exploding things when using C4 when I actually chose to use it. Are you so oblivious to the fact that I spend far more time trying to kill things with my tank then I do with C4 and that's a good chunk of the reason why I have so many more kills? Over 500 hours combine in my Prowler alone and only an hour or so using C4, gee I wonder why there is such a numbers disparity?!?!?!:eek:

    LA is not the weakest class in the game, it has jetpack that lets you flank and use shotguns with deadly efficiency ontop of giving you the ability to kill vehicles better than even heavy assaults. To be honest, at one point the devs did nerf C4 on the test server, but the crying from LA players was so massive they reverted it. Higby was planning to nerf C4, and tweeted about it but the SOE->>DBG happened and he chose to quit before implementing several balance features including nerfing C4. I didn't "lose" any argument because I've yet to find a SINGLE good argument on why a flying infantry class should get to throw c4 from 50+ meters away and take 80% of a MBT's health with a single stick even if it misses and lands on the ground infront of the tank. In fact you can miss both sticks of C4 from up to 4 meters away and still kill a full health MBT.

    I do find it funny how like many infantryside hooligans, you immediately descend into childish antics, insinuating that I'm "crying" when I'm simply stating a point. Whereas when I say the tears of LA players I'm often refefring to how LA players would make statements along the lines of "if you nerf C4 you should remove LA from the game" or "without C4 the LA isn't even a good class". As someone who has experience playing as a LA you don't even need C4 to make it an effective class unless you're purely going after tanks/maxes.
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  13. EliteEskimo

    Believe me I don't fret on my perspective, particularly now that I've gone from primarily tanking 24/7 to playing infantry even more than I tank people can't even say I can't see things from an infantry point of view. Often times people defending C4, particularly on LA, result to making strawmen, ad hominem attacks, or heavy use of hyperbole to even try to stay relevant in a discussion. Although seeing all these being used at once in a single post to defend themselves would come as no surprise to me either. I have no true desire to start a massive debate like creating a thread as I have done in the past. That being said it's amusing to see rustled jimmys all over again when I bring it up.:D
  14. oberchingus

    So what's basically happening is EliteEskimo is posting again, and getting ready for a 2016 aneurysm.
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  15. Towie

    I've said it before - I honestly think the MBT balance between each other is pretty good considering the significant differences and i'm glad that PS2 has unique stuff between factions.

    The OP seems to have issue with a few things and in fairness, I tend to agree - the GK was extremely good; in fact still is on the Prowler. I continue to use it after the gentlest nerf in PS2 history. VS and NC should be thankful that relatively few Prowlers are 2/2.

    Vulcan Harassers continue to be a big issue - they don't take many shots to kill but are tricky to hit and impossible to pursue (I have a racer Lightning just for that but it's still very risky). The irony for me is that the Prowler is the best for tackling close range harassers - the two shots help enormously, yet they don't have to face the Vulcan (and no - the Aphelion isn't as good - but pretty close; the Mjolnir less so).

    TL;DR - MBT vs MBT will depend more on the situation than anything else.

    (if you were to say that the Vanguard isn't as much fun as the Prowler or Magrider - I would agree)
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    Thread necromancy only really works when someone other then the necromancer posts in it again. just ignore it and it will crawl back into it's grave and bury itself.
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  20. Reclaimer77

    You were the first one to call one side "crying" and "whiners", so who is descending into childish antics here? Nice job hypocrite!

    The fact is Light Assault is statistically the least played infantry class in the game. That means the players perceive it as a weak class and one that's not good enough for most combat situations.

    Yes Light Assault + C4 is a powerful combination. But frankly, that's the classes one and only saving grace. Without C-4 Light Assault is relegated to rooftop and tree camping duty. A class without the stamina and staying power of HA indoors, and one without the Infiltrators and Engineers bag-of-tricks in outdoor combat. They even took our unique grenade and gave it away to others. Not that it was any good in the first place...

    And soon I'll have the Light Assault Directive and Directive Carbine on two characters. So please don't embarrass yourself by comparing your LA experience to mine...

    If players can "cry" and get the Devs to not do something, then why was Overshield nerfed? You can tell yourself the collective masses of a class that hardly anyone plays, rose up and "cried" to keep C-4 potent against tanks. But the real truth is this:

    Nobody really likes you guys. Nobody wants to see C-4 nerfed because it means more tanks camping in-game. And nobody except people like you and JohnGalt, with your ***** glued to your MBT seats, really wants that to happen. Even people who don't play Light Assault know what nerfing LA+C-4 means, and they don't want to see that in the game.

    Good tank players don't really die to C-4 anyway. They've come here and said as much. So I guess we all know where that puts you.