[Suggestion] Take Away the Rocket Launcher from the HA

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Thunderbug, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    Give me an equivelant amount of medkits (in terms of weight).
  2. CuteBeaver

    It amazes me how many arrogant HA's actually truly believe the other classes exist to support them... lol obviously this picture he paints is missing something. I wonder why all the pieces of the puzzle don't fit? Could it be the HA has its role too in a team? Too much of anything doesn't end well... I love ACTUAL skilled HA's that don't spray the hell out of their own team, can headshot and actually use their rocket launcher on moving targets. Those HA's who can cycle and work well with others are pure gold.

    If suddenly the population of HA players was reduced by half just randomly over night I somehow suspect PS2 would be just fine. If Combat Engineers were more viable, had more option for traps (see new turets) or LA's had worthy tools the balance could shift and honestly I think the good HA's would stay. However the people looking for less frustrating play might jump sides and try new things. I don't think PS2 Balance would suffer. Probably the opposite this game has an over abundance of HA's who frankly are not worth their salt. Anyone who cares enough to read these forums and post here, probably doesn't fall into that category.
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  3. radrussian2

    the other classes need buffed (as in the LA and infy), there is no need to nerf the HA. its got its own downsides that can be easily taken advantage of by any other class, other than maybe the medic but medic has its own thing going for it.
  4. tahn1000

    ha is already nerfed. all overshields nerfed last july, all damage from rocket lauchers (as opposed to the rocket launcher itself nerfed, like the striker) nerfed. i play ha almost solidly, why i don't know as my kdr is attrocious, and i'm always blown away when i do change to la just how much easier it is.