[Suggestion] Take Away the Rocket Launcher from the HA

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Thunderbug, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. EIMR

    Um no. It's not because it's usually done like that, but because it's more fun. Instead of having everybody in the team support the HA while the HAs just killS, we could have the HAs support alongside the team. Right now, everybody just takes HA while a medic revives and maybe an engineer gives ammo, and that's boring because there's nothing to it, just spam more or have more people.

    We can't balance the game around just one class, because then it only gets stale and boring. Everybody is asking for depth and strategy, but tell me, will it feel any different when combat is just pressing f and spamming lots of bullets?

    EDIT: Please the next time don't just pick a sentence and ignore the rest of the post. Literally the next sentence explains why I think so.
  2. WarmasterRaptor

    Your definition of fun has not to impinge on mine. As mine doesn't on yours.
    Fun is also entirely subjective, so that can't be considered an argument.

    PS2 is one game that is kind of close of what a real composition of an army is :

    One fodder class with efficient specialized support to help that fodder class.

    Too many medics will lessen the usefulness of each individual AoE heal and tool although the synergistic AoE effect will be crazy powerful.

    Too many engies will do the same WITHOUT any synergies.

    Too many infils can't be vehicle ready.

    Too many LA will be mostly all the time out of reach, too far ahead of the support classes.

    Then you got the heavies that can take around 5 more bullets (to the chest) than the rest. whoo hawking doo. 5.
    You do know how much time most classes have to hold the trigger to do that unfathomable prowess?
    They also cover their buddies against vehicles. Which are lethals.

    Like you said, this game doesn't have to be balanced around one class.
    Heavy is not the center of the game. It's the general infantryman.

    If you think that playing a medic or engie is boring, why even bother to play them? o_O
    They. are. support. classes. with guns.
    Yeah, I know. I do see some players forgetting that awesome part.
    Those classes also have useful guns. Can take part in battles.
    They have to adapt their loadouts depending on the situations though, like the HA.
    You don't bring a shotgun to a field shooting or a sniper in a closed environment.
    Well, you can, but don't cry if you don't have the right tools against those who have.

    I can already see the pattern :

    Nerf heavies.
    "Aw, vehicles too damn powerful! NAWRF DEM NAO"
    Vehicles nerfed.
    "Aw MAXes too though! gneeeeehhh"
    MAXes nerfed...
    "Aw medic heals too powerful! They can tank damage!"
    Nerf AoE heal...
    "Aw, couldn't prepare for the sneak of that infil! Cloak OP!"
    Cloak nerfed...
    "Aw, that LA was too well positioned to kill us! Hell with the JJ!"
    JJ scrapped...

    and on... and on...

    Until we have one class :

    The NS Generic Soldier.

    Can't do shut, but destroy vehicles with a stare, can't jump, infinite ammo included, autospot radar.
    Everybody with the same ONE GUN, to rule them all.

    Depth and strategy don't depends on classes at all.

    The depth and strategy is what will make players choose the required class for a strategy.

    The devs have to bring us something else to do, more options, than a MMO King of the Hill TDM.
    That's what you can and have to ask.
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  3. Idoubts

    You do know the HA was made to combat vehicles and infantry at close range right? It even states it in the description of the class.
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  4. Waratorium

    The weakness of the Heavy Assault is the power of friendship teamwork & mobility.

    vs LA (lacks mobility)
    vs everything else (lacks usefulness to the team)

    the Heavy Assault is a hammer, and to a hammer every problem is a nail.

    You die, and your squadmate is a Heavy Assault? Sorry, the HA is of no use to you.
    Your vehicle needs reps? Sorry, just heavy assaults here, move on.
    You need the locations of your enemies revealed? Well you are out of luck because your squad is all heavy assaults.

    basically, the engineer, medic & infiltrator all sacrifice the killing power of the Heavy Assault to gain their own special abilities (repairing, deploying mines, ammo, turrets, heals, reviving, stealth, spotting thingies, etc etc)

    The Light assault sacrifices the killing power and tankyness of a HA to get a jetpack.
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  5. Hosp

    But we can balance the game around 1 class. And it's working. Depth and strategy however have more than squad composition involved. And as it stands, there's enough variability between the classes and the skill involved to play those classes that squad composition and leadership are still issues even with a majority HA. A zerg on zerg fight tends to hide those issues just because there's so much flying around anyway, but it's not any less important.

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  6. WarmasterRaptor

    Dang! How could you realize something that cruelly obvious! :eek:

    I'll have to ask a nerf the wisdom and intelligence stats of the players hanging around here so we can all cry for nerfs together!
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  7. EIMR

    That's the problem. We just have a class that is more general, thus, more common. I don't know you, but I don't find that fun everybody being HA(which usually happens). What I meant about the game being balanced about HA is that HAs kill, enter buildings and do things. The other classes are just support for the real players, as somebody has said. Right now the best strategy is that the Medic just stays back while the HAs go out and die. That's what I meant.

    Yes, but why would you do that? You have the HAs fighting, who are much better while you support them. Why would you do that when you can just let them play fight?

    Not really, with your SMG you can deal with infantry and air, and with your launcher you can perfectly deal with MAXes and vehicles. I don't want HAs nerfed(they don't really have much to nerf), but to be specialized. I don't want them to be the general infantryman, that's just boring. If it's like that how it works, why do Medics have AR? I want them to be specialized, to have a role, to need to change it's loadout; be the guy who helps the team with suppresion and more dakka instead of the general infantryman(hey, just like in BF!).

    True, but then still the fights will still be the same, you just pick an infil to hack something and then the Heavy Assaults continues fighting for you. We can't have that much depth in fights when we have somebody who plays for us.
  8. Hosp

  9. geekrider

    So you want to give killing power to a class that already has access to C4, tank mines, infantry mines, anti tank turrets, anti infantry turrets, unlimited ammo and the ability to repair every vehicle in game?
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  10. Waratorium

    Don't forget the upcoming automated turrets and the proposed portable infantry terminals.
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  11. omni2

    i could go to the infiltrator subforum with another suggestion:
    remove the AI mines from infiltrators.
    and other stuff that really annoys me.
    there might be enough people that would jump onto this band wagon of nerf, maby you´r one of them?

    on the other hand, its part of the game, it always has been and i know how to counter it with my HA (or engy or LA :p ).
    stop implementing here something like "HA is like godmode" other "new players" might get influenced by posts like that.
    remember that nerfs will go round and round until it hits something that might have been balanced.

    i m really one of those guys who think that there shouldnt be any further nerfs to the HA because it has been already nerfed dramatically.
    Rocketlaunchers are already nerfed.
    AV grenades are now in the spot where they belong.
    Nanoweave doesnt protect your head anymore (because of filthy infils did cry loud enough :) ).
    flack armor + resist shield doesnt stack anymore.

    and so on...
    Stop right there or you´ll get nerfed too :p
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  12. PastalavistaBB

    Battlefield got it right. Engineer should have the Rocket Launcher. You can say that he can spam rockets solo endlessly, but atm it isn't really any difficult with a HA and an ammo pack. Rocket's shouldn't get resupplied from ammo packs, only from Infnatry Terminals and should cost resources. That's an important point SOE should reconsider if they ever decide to make this change. Make this change and forget about the Overshield nerf. The HA doesn't need a nerf, just this change.
  13. Hosp

    If they did that they'd have to buff rockets vs all vehicles OR nerf vehicles vs their Infantry based counters. And we already see plenty of skygods crying about anything that might shoot them down that isn't another aircraft.
  14. LightningPro

    Please do this SOE!!!
    Give it instead the Infiltrator! Please make it also happen that I can use it with Stalker cloak.
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  15. Exonis

    I think it's time for a new class, the Medium Assault, HA shall become the AV class.
    Now lets think of some stuff for it...

    Carbines and Assault Rifles?

    (Default secondary selection)

    (Couldn't think of any, please suggest some)

    Medical kits, Restoration Kits
    • and C4, but only if Medic loses theirs
    Abilities: Receives the HA over shields, Heavy Assault receives:
    • An ES deployable shield that blocks fire both ways, but does not block movement
    • An ES Aegis shield, works like NC MAX (but you know, actually works)
    • ??? (please suggest something)
    There, HA keeps RL and LMG, but loses the 1v1 power of the Over shield, instead he receives shields which can help him survive vehicular engagements.

    (Someone get this to Reddit ASAP)
  16. Idoubts

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The hell would we do about vehicle zergs? Ammo should cost resources!? YOU ARE A FREAKING MANIAC! What you have stated would completely break the game.
  17. Idoubts

    No. Just no.
    Heavy is fine as is, as a class you cant do anything as a heavy without the proper support.
    Know why we call the support classes support classes? BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT THE MAIN INFANTRY!
  18. Exonis

    Whoah man, take a chill pill and turn off your Over-shield, you can't see a thing through it.
    This time actually read my post before going on to ramble about not being able to do anything and support classes.

    If you actually had READ my post, you would have seen that I suggested the Over-Shields go to the Medium Assault,
    and The Heavy-Assault gets a Deploy-able Shield that you place on the ground, which blocks fire from both ways, but lets players move through them. (to prevent greifing)

    1. Allowing the Heavy Assault to keep his LMG and Rocket Launcher,
    2. While also buffing his ability to survive vehicle engagements (Shield wall protects more than Over-Shield)
    3. AND makes the HA a useful asset to the team because teammates could use these shields for cover.
    All I have done is suggest to give the Heavy Assault's 1v1 Infantry Superiority (The Over-Shield) to a New Class that lacks any team supporting things, and give the Heavy Assault a Team Supporting ability (The Shield Wall)

    I am a Heavy Assault myself, I made this so I can still enjoy the the power of my LMG And Rocket Launcher,
    or play a new Class that gets Carbines, Assault Rifles and the Over-Shields.

    Instead of removing the Rocket Launcher from the Heavy Assault and giving it to some class like the infiltrator because there was no else who could take the dang thing.

    TL;DR: I suggest MAIN INFANTRY be split into Anti-Vehicle Main and Anti-Infantry Main, instead of bundled into 1 OP class of both.
  19. geekrider

    You're comparing Battlefield to Planetside 2? Seriously? There is an extremely vast difference in scale of battles. Plus BF has 4 classes compared to our 5. Not to mention that the Engineer has rockets because the Support has ammo packs and LMG's. Its called class balance AMD both games play completely differently. What you're proposing is completely ridiculous.
  20. pnkdth

    Reduce the Rocket Launcher ammo capacity.

    1 Deci(no reload), 2 for default/lock ons(1 reload), and whatever for ESRL. Make 'em dependant on Engineers for supply of heavy ordnance.

    If you want to more, there's a suit slot for that.