Tactics in Planetside 2 are Dead: Long Live Tactics in Planetside 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Attlas, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Attlas

    I've been leading platoons for 2 years now, and it feels like every other update invalidates tactical play more than the last. I'm sure that one day we'll get all those phase 2s that we keep hearing about to revamp resources and territories but until then it feel like tactical play and careful planning are useless in the face of the various metagames.
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  2. Grumblefern

    I feel like you're probably wasting your breath but I have to give you a +1 for "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BANALITY".
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  3. Dethfield

    Ive always believed in severely limiting the redeploying in PS2, the common response ive gotten from various players is "but most players dont want to bother with arranging transports". This has even been stated from long running PS2 and PS1 vets. Feels bad, man.
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  4. Bearlover

    New challenging content or a new continent should be introduced, specifically for limited redeployment. So those who want an actual challenge using strategy and tactics and most of all discipline can enjoy in and to those that don't they can play in the old continents or whatever. Right now what we have is a giant COD.

    Realistically and to be frank, most of the player base right now ( sorry for being honest ) are down right lazy, elitist and so afraid of changes that it feels like " someone broke their new toy " every time something new is introduced and feel as if they have to start over , afraid of the challenges and afraid of actually having to do some critical thinking on their part. When threatened, they'll do and say anything to keep what they have now.

    They will only agree with you, IF it suits their purpose. Planetside 2 will never evolve because of them.
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  5. Tanelorn

    You got it exactly, Attlas. I'm a member of BWC on Emerald, one of the best known teamplay outfits in the game. You hit the nail on the head.
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  6. Springjack

    There are tactics when you play solo! Or situational awareness, what have you...
  7. BravoTangoTR

    Poor base design + poor lattice design + mass redeploy = biggest zerg wins

    This game has become all about the numbers and less about the strategy and tactics on the squad and platoon levels. Many bases simply can't be captured or defended without a ridiculously high pop because of poor based design or because it is a massive choke point in the lattice... or both. The mass redeploy makes achieving those high pops that much easier. Throw in a territory alert and the zergs gets exponentially larger.

    I hate to say it, but I miss the days without the lattice. At least squads and platoons could strategically deploy to divide/isolate/cutoff/flank/avoid zergs. Sure there was lots of ghost camping, but right now I see that as the lesser of two evils.

    Of course, the preferred course to follow would be to revamp the lattice and bases to avoid extreme choke points that necessitate zerging to win, while at the same time putting a system in place (base benefits or resource-based) that promotes strategic play without encouraging zerging of a limited number of bases for resource/benefit/territory gain... but that seems too much to ask from this dev team. The base benefits system that is currently being proposed isn't going to help. If anything, I predict people just zerg those bases (techs, bios, & amps) even more for the benefits. It's so characteristic of the short-sightedness of the dev team. They try to fix a problem and end up making it worse because they didn't think it through properly.
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  8. Sixty

  9. Klabauter8

    If you couldn't redeploy right near the action, I am sure there barely would be any squads anymore, since most people probably don't want to wait 5 minutes every time they die, for the next Galaxy to be filled up with their squad. They would just grab their own vehicles and rush to the next front. You also die a lot in this game. Well, I at least still am. Having to travel one and the same huge distances again and again, everytime I die, would just be annoying and make the game become boring pretty quickly.

    I too wished there more often would be a need for my Valkyrie to function as a group transport, but it's not really possible imo without harming the game. I also don't see why you get so mad to not get more for being a platoon leader. It's not that leading a platoon would be anything special. Basically anyone can do this. All you need is just a microphone and a bigger ego than most others. The game is just not perfect. No game is.
  10. Kunavi

    Totally agreed. At least, H1ggZ1y said they'll even out Achievs and their rewards and requirements so that it is a meaningfull progression... Including Cert gain mechanics being changed eventually... "Eventually"... Other than that? You're perfectly right. There are no tactics, and awareness means CameraSperg9000+LuckModule or having radar in some way, which in turn means you have sacrificed so much or are playing a class totally useless beyond providing radar so you might as well just rely on CamSperg. :S LEL! Even then you'll only be delaying the inevitable(For 1' tops, with base Life Expectancy being 30-40" tops from discovery).
  11. doombro

    Daily reminder that sometimes, it's the small things that are ruining everything:

  12. moriarrr-ceres

    I'm not against all of redeploy. However It should be limited at least on population per base (maybe if your faction is 15% more on this base, you have to go here by yourself) or something else.
  13. Klabauter8

    I fail to see the problem with this. That's just how war goes. If you don't like this, then you probably just don't like war games.
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  14. TheStonehawk

    The other day me and two other people decided to suicide run two sundies parked beneath mani bio lab. We snuck around carefully from a base further back on foot then approached, closed the distance, and C4ed the sundies. Surprisingly we didn't even die weren't even spotted.

    Instantly the battle was won, the vanu were pushed back and then a few minutes later we won the Esamir alert by literally 1%. I'd like to think I helped that last little push that saved us.

    So yeah, sometimes tactics don't apply. But other times a coordinated team of like minded individuals can make a difference. Zergs can push harder than small tactical teams, but that doesn't mean they can't be stopped. Tactics aren't gone yet. You just gotta think outside the box.
  15. Tuco

    I was redeploying all the time in open beta, which is why I got like 5 times more captures than defends. It just took the "organized one" about 2 years to figure it out. (they're a little slow)

    Yes player behavior can change while the game hasn't changed. About 4 years into WWIIONLINE, due to the nature of allied easymode planes, axis players became crackshots with the bofors anti-aircraft gun the point where allied players thought the axis bofors was buffed somehow when in reality they were both copies of the same bofors 40mm anti aircraft gun.
  16. OldMaster80

    I fully support you.
    What we're gonna need:
    • Missions system to be completed, so that all players will rewarded for playing tactically instead of focusing on pure farming.
    • Resources system so that we will have to ANT tactics, and resources will play an important role.
    • Redesign redeploy (remove the Cross Continent Reinforcement System).
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  17. Movoza

    I agree about a lot, but 2 things irk me. The achievement I couldn't care less. Why do you expect a big reward? Possibly because of PS1 where you could get an orbital strike if I understand it correctly. But leading teams has a lot of other benefits.
    It might be nice if you would get a nice weapon or maybe a utility that makes the achievement nice to go for, but really, I don't mind the reward as much, as good leading is a reward in itself.

    The second thing that irk me is the line in the end. "Tactics are dead, long live tactics." The line is used in various adaptations to let people know that the old way is dead, but there is a new way to use now. I feel that there are now either the old tactics still in place here and there, or the tactics have been completely eradicated.
    A lot of tactics have improved though. ESF rocket spam, PPA spam, Liberator kings and a lot of other stuff has been toned down, changing the tactics.

    But the redeployside is one of the biggest issues. I agree that transportation, as probably the most important part of tactics, should come back. You position yourself even in normal fights all the time. Moving should happen by transport, and not by teleport.
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  18. Tito

    nice video im hate redeploy to remove the redeploy and buff the spawn beacon time

    and SOE more reward who players playing objectives
  19. ZBrannigan

    people don't fight wars to be entertained........... playing war games isn't like war.
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  20. SerasVic

    Actually tactics matters.

    If you are 30 vs 48 but with better tactics you can win.
    If you are 30 vs 96 cmon don't think you are superman.

    Size matters, but tactics matters aswell.

    I can't count the number of bases where we (3-5 people squad + the randoms fighting here) made the difference by holding them out with well placed sunderers while underpoped.

    I'm not talking about the 48+ redeploying 30s before capture (that tbh i almost never see).