T9A Butcher Spreadsheet Inconsistancy?

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  1. Lucidius134


    So in that patch note (most recent changes barring velocity buff, AUG29 2014), which is the most recent change to the T9A, it says .85 -> .9 vertical recoil.

    The spread sheets (pre-provided patch, AUG08 2014) says .4 and so does the wiki.

    Anyone got the T9A and can confirm for me the vertical recoil being .9 or .4? The rest of the stats on the wiki from the patch notes are right but vert recoil isn't.

    This implies it was ninja nerfed between it being added to AUG29 because it started with .4 and then jumped to .85 between <AUG08 and AUG29?

    Ninja nerf is ninja :eek:
  2. Isokon

    It's just a mistake in the patch notes. They probably meant horizontal recoil tolerance, which is at 0.85 in the spreadsheet.
    You really think noone would have noticed and mentioned a 0.9 vertical recoil on the gun? o_O
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  3. Lucidius134

    Oh yeah that makes sense. lol thanks.

    I'm rechecking all of the wiki stuff versus patch notes and the spread sheets so the wiki is actually usable