T7 Mini-Chaingun for heavy assault...

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by petitsec, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. petitsec

    hello ,:cool:

    T7 Mini-Chaingun , 85 bullets for 1 kill .....on Infiltrator vanu.....:eek:

    I unlock this weapon, but useless ....o_O
  2. DeadlyShoe

    At um... what range?

    The minigun has huge cone of fire bloom and can't hit the broadside of the barn after about 30 shots. Fire in bursts of 10 bullets or so if you arn't in CQC.
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  3. Dervishkid

    burst firing the MCG gets you killed. and likey luaghed at.

    the Spin up is way to long to think of trying burst fire.

    in beta it was much better weapons they gave it a Small nerf bat on luanch thou. which is sad i thought it was a fair weapon with it's up and downs.
  4. DeadlyShoe

    If you intend on fighting midrange don't take the MCG. If you have to fight midrange with the MCG, burst fire.
  5. Corsix

    If you have to fight at midrange, switch to your pistol, it'll be far more effective at any range past 10m than the chaingun. Chaingun is only good for something out of knife range, but close enough to spit on.

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