[Suggestion] T7 MCG "changes"

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Zica96, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Zica96

    First of all, with the BRRT it should be "overclocked" to 1000 RPM (of course the dmg should be decreased GREATLY, something along the lines of the T4 AMP).
    Second i would like to see a single magazine on this thing of idk, maybe 800 - 900 bullets (just guessing here) and this could ONLY work with the BRRT, without it would be the same as it is today or, a single mag. with less ammo when the BRRT is not "activated" (to not be overpowered).
    And lastly i think it really needs a slower reload speed of like: 3.40 short, and 4.40 or 4 sec. long.
  2. xMaxdamage

    Are you srsly suggesting that brrt mcg should have more ammo than an ex mags mcg?
  3. _itg

    What you've described is a totally different weapon (not necessarily a bad or imbalanced one). There's no way you can attribute all those changes to a single attachment.
  4. Zoobe

    MCG is a perfectly balanced side grade to LMGs and requires nothing imho. Feels one of the best balanced weapons in the game as a side grade.

    Would love to see some tweaks to the lasher, it is not very useful and no where near as useful a side grade as the other heavy guns. Sitting back suppressing chokes does not really have any place in PS2.
  5. Zica96

    If at least one of these changes happens to be implemented (im not the only one who asked for the 1000 RPM and a single mag.) i'd be a happy Terran. The problem with SOE is that they dont take chances they just nerf stuff.
  6. Zica96

    Well yeah to compensate for the freaking 1000 rpm and very low dmg output, why not?
  7. ATRA_Wampa-One

    The Lasher either needs it's COF reduced or it's velocity increased. It's fire rate and splash mechanic is mostly fine, but it's actually landing a shot on a moving target reliably beyond 20m that needs to get fixed.
  8. Zica96

    I dont agree about the MCG but the lasher should get some tweaks idk exactly what, i'm Terran :). My problem with the MCG is it's waisted potential, because it's a ES HA weapon, and in my opinion, currently, it just doesn't feel that way.
  9. Zica96

    Please keep it MCG related.
  10. Zoobe

    But there is nothing to talk about, it is a great weapon as it is useful in close, at medium range too, and scares off ESFs like no other HA weapon bar launchers. Just about excellent at anything important. Love it, have great fun playing it every time I use it.

    Eh, what....sounds just like the other TR chaingun weapons, has the ES fire rate, mag size etc, etc. Could not be more ES.
  11. vanu123

    It's already arguably the best heavy weapon in the game....
  12. AlterEgo

    Zero vertical/horizontal recoil and CoF expands slower than any other weapon in the game. MAYBE 100 splash damage or increased radius. Just wishful thinking.
  13. vanu123

    I think something that would be cool is to remove the friendly fire from the splash.
  14. Zoobe

    That is what I think also, the velocity is so low it is hard to make use of any other mechanic it has. With such low velocity it forces you to play close to the enemy, or they simply avoid it. That close to the enemy it is really bad, imho. Sure, you can make anything work, but it feels so broken if your a fan of the other heavy guns. Not comparable.
  15. Zica96

    The thing i was thinking about when i created this thread is that the TR need some sort of "unique" empire trait, like say the VS heat mechanic. And i'm not saying it's not a good weapon, i'm just saying a lot of TR are sick of just plain copypasta miniguns on everything (although the single mag. could probably work better with the Vulcan). But the thing that's really needed for this weapon is some shorter reload times.
  16. OddChelsea

    The devs have stated that the reason they do not give the TR or anyone a weapon that is 1000 RPM or more is related to engine issues. It would lag the game out having a lot of people firing 1k RPM guns. It can be balanced to have guns with that RoF and I have no problem with it but it can't be actually implemented easily.
  17. Zica96

    Man if that's true, that's really sad on their end because if you can't balance 1000 rpm weapons (most of the real life LMG's fire at that rate), how the hell can you balance 1000+ players at the same time?

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