T5 AMC or the HC1 Cougar

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Republisher, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Republisher

    Before I throw certs into the toilet...

    Which one is best for range?

    Does the Cougars' bullet velocity just make it sub-par to the AMC for range? Or does it work, alright? A trial does not seem like it would do it justice (and I don't want to make any assessments based on that) as I'm sure the attachments really help the gun out.

  2. M2_Bradley

    T5 AMC if you want to save some certs....The Cougar is horribly overpriced.
  3. Republisher

    Price aside, will they operate basically the same at range? The Cougar seems like a NC Razor with 5 more shots :p Not really sure if that is worth it.
  4. elementotrl

    T5 Amc has better bullet velocity, cougar has better recoil control. I personally prefer the cougar as I am generally frustrated with the recoil when I am trying to hit long range targets with the T5. Either way, I recommend a forward grip and a 2x or 3.4x sight depending on the range.
  5. Owen W.

    The HC1 cougar is horribly overpriced for it's effectiveness. Get the T5 AMC.
  6. Iridar51

    Price aside, Cougar theoretically should be better, and probably is practically. Higher damage tier means that much at ranged combat.
  7. elementotrl

    Happened across this review of the Cougar for those interested
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  8. vanu123

    I prefer the cougar just because of the higher damage.
  9. Planeswalker

    Prefer the Cougar. There is something I cant explain about the T5 AMC. I know people love it. For me it just.. is such a meh weapon... sucks at range and sucks up close. feels like an inefficient pea shooter to me. The standard Trac5 is alot better.

    At least Cougar is quite decent at medium ranges. I run it with 3.4 scope, forward grip, compensator and HVA. Fire in 4-5 shot bursts. Try to get headshots, the scope will aid you in doing that.
  10. Kayth

    T5 is such a good weapon, being able to hip-fire in those 'oh-crap' situations, and performing extremely well out a good distance. I think this weapon is hard to pass up for any LA, especially considering it's cert cost.
  11. Corezer

    I prefer the cougar.

    If you think of carbines as hoses, regular carbines are regular garden hoses, the T5 is like one with the nozzle set to jet, and the cougar is like a laser pointer.

    just my opinion, but the horizontal shake doesn't seem nearly as bad on it.
  12. Thrustin

    Same here. I tried loving the T5 AMC, I really did. But it just fails so horribly in my hands. I would get the Cougar.
  13. SharpeShooter

    you Cougar is a big pile of steaming......... the T5-AMC is a good gun!
  14. Ruvan

    They're different types of weapons.

    T5 AMC is a longish range weapon that has a bit of versatility in order to do mid ranges a bit more competitively.

    Cougar is a dedicated long range weapon.

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