T4 Amp needs a larger magazine

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Maljas23, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Maljas23

    Am I the only one that thinks this? 21 rounds at 900+ RPM makes the magazine disappear as fast as you reload it. It needs to be bumped up to 30 rounds, at least. The bloom already GREATLY limits the ability of this gun to stay on target as it is. 30 rounds would simply be much more fitting with a gun of these stats.

    Anyone else agree?
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  2. Rovertoo

    Only if our MagScatter gets a clip of at least 6. 30 rounds is as much as an SMG, we get the clip of a semi shotgun. Fair?
  3. DeadliestMoon

  4. Maljas23

    Maybe 30 rounds is too much, but 21 rounds is far too little.
  5. Klondor

    I've been trying to make the AMP work since the first playtest. If you can get the drop on someone, it will kill them in 10 shots before 8m if they dont have nanoweave armor. The problem is the fact that the CoF bloom increases so fast when holding the trigger down, it's likely that most people will miss about 30% of all rounds within 10m. With a magazine of only 21 rounds at 100 damage per bullet at 8m we're looking at 2100 total potential damage multiplied by .30 which is only 630 damage.

    By the time you're finished with the reload, your target is well aware of you and is retaliating and more than likely going to put you down. Keep in mind, this is purely my observation and facts/experiences will vary from player to player.
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  6. Ivalician

    A bump to thirty rounds might be too significant, but bumping to maybe 24 or so would be appreciated. Essentially, if you get cornered by a heavy assault with shields up, physically throwing the rounds at his face would be equally effective.
  7. NinjaTurtle

    It's a secondary. You give it too many bullets it becomes to close to a primary.

    Because it's a secondary and most people from my knowledge anyway only pull a pistol to finish an opponent off the 21 bullets it has should be more than enough
  8. Kociboss

    They should give it at least 3 bullets more imo.

    Just like they should fix new VS pistol so it's actually worth charging it up.
  9. Matixzun

    Totally agree with this. A lot of time my ammo runs out too quickly, a few more bullets may be just what it needs,
  10. NinjaTurtle

    VS pistol needs to dump at least half it's mag to make the charge worthwhile
  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    larger magazine, longer barrel, higher calibre...
  12. TheKhopesh

    24-26 rounds per mag is what I think it should be at.
    Twenty-one rounds is FAR too few.

    The Magscatter desperately needs an extra round, and the Spiker could use one more burst as well.
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  13. DrTeeth

    It might need a few more rounds, but what it really needs is to get its bloom fixed. Even at 5m I'm having to burst-fire it to have any chance of getting a kill. Right now it's a worse weapon in every way than the Repeater.
  14. Ztiller

    The AMP is fine as it is. Heavy recoil yes, but it's a sidearm not a sniper. You don't get a mini-SMG with such a ridiculously high RoF and expect it to lack any weakness.