T1A Unity. Downgrade?

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  1. jp5a9852

    I unlocked the T1A a couple weeks after the directive system was released. At first it was supposed to be a more long range version of the T1, and at this stage I found it to be quite bad. This may just be because of the scope choice which was a 3.4 or 4x scope at that time, I would like to try the old version with a scope of my choice. Then they changed it from having HVA to having SVA. This in my opinion, made it even worse. In both forms I found it to strangely have more horizontal recoil and be less accurate than the T1. The stats say both weapons have the same accuracy so it must have increased horizontal recoil at the very least.

    So, I just wanted to ask people what they thought of the weapon. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why?
    I just find the weapon very lack luster and disappointing. It was definitely not worth the grind for it. It should be worth the grind right? I mean it seems like a down grade not a side grade. So I thought I see what the forums think and see if this weapon can be changed or needs to be changed.

    Personally I would like the weapon to have an advanced grip, compensator, and HVA as it already does fine in cqc. A more long range variant of the T1 that is not burst. Maybe take off the compensator if it makes the weapon to good.

    Please have a good amount of experience with the weapon before saying if it should be changed. I have 500 kills, or something around there.
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  2. Paperlamp

    If the directive rewards were worth the grind I'd be upset because I don't want to have to grind that much for an upgrade. Supposedly everything is supposed to be a side-grade due to varying stats here and there but I think most players are on the same page in understanding that's just not how it goes in practice.

    They should abandon the current system that just makes people play in frustrating ways doing things they don't enjoy, using weapons they don't enjoy, to unlock the directive stuff.

    It'd just be very, very stupid and irritating if your ideal/favorite weapon was walled off by a long painful grind.

    The only one that seems worth it at the moment is the Betelgeuse for VS.
  3. jp5a9852

    Well, I'm saying it its not a side grade, its a down grade. So I'm asking them to change it a little. I do agree about the grinding system though. I had to use guns I didn't want to get the weapon and it wasn't very fun. I'd prefer it to just be total kills with ARs. However, the way of grinding auraxium weapons is a different topic. I did grind it though and it certainly shouldn't be a down grade for my time spent getting it.
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  4. The Funk

    The changes were a vast improvement in my mind. They basically made it a standard cycler with SPA. The ranges of meaningful combat game make HVA useless IMO and I will always choose SPA on any gun with the option as I consider it a straight upgrade.

    Like the other directive rewards, the auraxium guns are not meant to be improvements over other options. They are meant to show off.
  5. Kunavi

    Good, if they are meant to show off just let us use the skin? Or since they aren't so powerfull and weren't meant to be, let us at least customize them? Other weapons are also considered side grades and we can customize them, what's your point? :p
  6. sindz

    You are using it for the wrong ranges.

    The cycler with SPA is insanely good and it comes with foregrip so the best attachments you can get for close to medium range.
  7. The Funk

    Meh if they had just reskinned the stock guns I would have been OK with that too but whatever it's something new to play with. You are incorrect in saying it's a downgrade though. And honestly I fail to see your point. It's a free trophy gun in a video game. TR has an amazing array of ARs at your disposal if you don't like it.
  8. SerasVic

    On paper it looks like an upgrade of the Cycler
  9. Tommyp2006

    The problem with it, along with the butcher, is that you cannot equip a forward grip to it, which is a very important addition to it. So while in default form the unity may be better due to default SPA, once you add a grip, the cycler is better. What they should do with the auraxium weapons IMO is make them have all the available non advanced attachments like the S weapons do. Sure, it would make the default and S weapons obsolete, but considering how much grinding you have to do to get these weapons, I think it's fairly justified, and the rest of the weapon arsenal would still be sidegrades to these, due to the rest of the weapons filling different roles due to changes in ROF, accuracy, etc like they already to compared to the default.
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  10. SerasVic

    Wait, there is no grip on those?

    nevermind then it's ****
  11. Isokon

    The Unity has lower base horizontal recoil than the standard cycler. Not enough to completely offset the lack of a forward grip, but also not as bad as you might think and you don't get the equip time nerf.
  12. jp5a9852

    Well, although it still seems to perform worse than the T1 in nearly all situations to me, I guess not many others have a problem with it. I think SPA is almost always a downgrade and with more horizontal recoil the T1A just doesn't fit my play style I guess. The grind to auraxium isn't going to be fun by something is telling me I have to do it.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions guys.