T16-Rhino gameplay kill bursts by Heaofflol

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by senjihenji, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Azarga

  2. Prudentia

    i hate it when i slaughter TR at a Biolab pad and you are the only one who shots back after i killed you once or twice. with the chaingun it's easier :D
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  3. JudgeDeath

    You guys play on wierd servers. I wish we would see such masses of nabs running for slaughter on Cobalt.

    Allso the "preview" part was just odd, made think YouTube was screwed up or you were building into a loop.
  4. senjihenji

    I can do that :)
  5. OgreMarkX

    Nice FPS (and positioning). Most enemies, especially all the newer players, will look up the stairways and not at that vehicle platform.

    But dang, 80-90 FPS in a battle like that?No offense meant, but people don't realize how much easier games like this are when you have a good computer and connectivity.

    Example: I get 30 max FPS in battles like that--and that is MAX....it's usually in the 20's. Sometimes I die long after I think I am behind cover.

    And ya I know and agree: Learn to get a better system!
  6. senjihenji

    I know what you meen ,well before I over cloaked my cpu I was playing with max 50 fps ,since than and after the omg patch the things are way better ,but I agree the fps is crucial in someways.Im also not fully satisfied cuz I run TITAN + i7 on 4.2 Ghz and still below 100 fps...thats planetside 2 ...
  7. FendleyFire

    I want to see some battle rifle or slug shotgun sprees. I remember you messing me up on test server with a skillhawk equipped with slugs.
  8. senjihenji

    haha yea that was long time ago Fendley but yea I can do that in the future .My next video is with the chain gun tho so I can do something about it after ;)
  9. lilleAllan

    <3 the Rhino. Good shots
  10. senjihenji

    hehe you bet ;) thanks!
  11. senjihenji

    Btw Prudentia I'm uploading today my mini chain gun video as you asked so it will be on the forums and youtube later on I hpe you like it ;)