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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by The Shady Engineer, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. The Shady Engineer

    Is it worth going for the Unity? Just finished auraxing the Cycler TRV and I have the standard T1 and TAR auraxed as well. Thinking about going for TORQ and either the T1B or SABR for the last 2 auraxiums.
  2. CaptCran

    Usually they are just side grades, but the 200 certs for auraxiuming them is a perk.
  3. TacticalButterknife

    It's pretty much what you'd expect it to be from its attachment choice. It's an ok rifle, its bland and doesn't offer anything new other than being a shinier T1 Cycler imo. If anything it's a pat on the back for all the auraxiums you earned
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  4. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I can't say how the Unity is as I don't have it unlocked, I can however suggest that you get the Torq on your road to the auraxium as it is an amazing weapon. My friend who often mains medic used and auraxed it and he'd said it was a great fast-firing accurate weapon to use and if he could aurax it again, he would. Naturally I was curious, having never really been interested in playing medic (I main Engineer and Infiltrator) but after unlocking it and giving it a go, I can safely say he wasn't wrong.

    From my personal experience of it so far, it's wonderful in close to medium engagements and but doesn't shine at longer distances unless my target likes to stand around or I get a luck shot kill. The recoil is easily controllable, moreso with attachments equipped.
  5. [K29C] Gwennec

    The TORQ is amazing in close quarters, definitely worth it. My favourite gun in the whole game.
    The SABR is amazing at medium range (especially good on the open plains or Indar). My second favourite gun in Planetside 2.

    Both well worth spending time to get used to them (my advice is don't use the high-velocity ammo on the SABR, recoil is not worth it).

    The Unity is a decent weapon. If you got along with the T1Cycler then your going to like the Unity. It doesn't really excel in any situation but remains viable in all situations so it's a good all-rounder.
  6. Dualice

    I've auraxed all the Terran assault rifles (including Unity) except the T1B, and in my experience the Unity isn't something work breaking a sweat over. It's a nice shiny to have, and performs marginally better than the stock T1 Cycler, but ultimately as another user says, it's more of a sidegrade than anything else. Of course with the shiny decal it's got the "swag" factor too.

    My personal favourites are still the TORQ-9 and the SABR-13. Both have very handle-able recoil, velocty, and reload time, whilst still remaining competitive in most engagement ranges you care to put them in (though of course the TORQ suffers a bit past mid-range due to the inherently low damage profile).

    The T1B works really nicely now, thanks to the burst weapon buffs back along. I personally still prefer the SABR for more "oomph".
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