[Suggestion] Switch VS/TR MAX/MBT abilities

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GantryPengy380, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. GantryPengy380

    What are the VS/TR abilities now? I'll tell you in case you didn't know. Being able to move faster upon activation (VS) and being rendered unable to move, but with the advantage of shorter reload times and faster fire rate (TR).
    TR is known for their speed in terms of both fire rate and movement, so SOE decided to give them an ability that increases their rate of fire (makes sense) while making their MAXs/Prowlers unable to move (no sense)? The VS is known for using laser weaponry and other alien technologies and having the "middle ground" in terms of damage and movement speed, so they get an ability that, when activated, gives them an increase to movement speed (forgive me if I'm forgetting anything, I don't have as much experience with VS as I do with TR) for their MAXs and Magriders, even though TR is the faction that's known for having the highest movement speed? For that reason, I suggest that the TR/VS abilities are switched. Sure, it would look weird to see a Prowler boosting into combat (or away from it) or a Magrider sitting on a hill, shooting enemies in the area below, but it will make sense in the long run. Trust me.
  2. MrNature72

    I really don't see that making sense, to be honest.
  3. JKomm

    This wont make sense at all, TR is more about sustained fire, while VS is about mobility. That is the way it has always been. TR Lockdown utilities make perfect sense as they improve their ability to sustain fire and deny access or advancement to their area. Meanwhile VS have higher mobility for more blitz tactics, or for a quick retreat since they do not have the least armour in battle.
  4. Exentenzed

    I wonder what lockdown in a magrider would even look like. It's hover capability disengaged for the duration of lockdown? :p

    But yea, as mentioned, the MBT abilities are assigned pretty well imho.
  5. Foxirus

    As the others have said, TR are about lead walls, Lock down lets you make a bigger lead wall. The VS are about mobility, ZOE max lets us do mobility.
  6. Chazt

    What he said, TR ability makes perfect sense, it is about throwing as much lead as possible in one direction.