Sweeper or Piston?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Antivide, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Antivide

    TELL ME! I trialed shotguns for every class and I find shotguns useless for all classes except Light Assault.

    Shotgun becomes an amazing beast in the hands of an LA, for all you NC I wanna know which one to buy.

    Piston, or sweeper?
  2. Zoner

    Everyone probably has a different preference.

    Mine is sweeper for magazine size. Shotguns work on medics pretty well too, at least for biolabs
  3. Achmed20

    i'm now using the mauler. tightest spread, fastes reload.
    i started with the piston aswell and got my 1200+ kills with it pretty fast. but you realy want the extra ammo suit with the piston.
  4. Enraged Platypus

    I use my shotgun as more of a battle rifle because of slugs. I've only used the sweeper and I love it. As a LA you can get up into places that most people can't and basically snipe from there. The extra ammo capacity helps a lot from my experience so my vote goes to the Sweeper.
  5. japro

    I also first used the Piston and now I'm playing with the Mauler for a bit. I found the mauler superior in these situations where there is only a few people in a base so you mostly 1v1 them. The little extra range and ammo economy helps there. The piston is more a "crowd control" thing or if you want to get into a MAXes face :D. Not sure about the sweeper. When trialing them I found the additional ammo not that relevant actually. I always use the shottys with extended mag and the difference from 10-12 isn't that big imho.
  6. Bambolero

    I have both and preffer the Sweeper.
    With the extended mag feels like I have double the ammo then the Piston because I overshoot with the silly RoF of the Piston often, which it isn't necesary, 2-3 shots max to kill but more often then not I waste double that on a target.
    The 'worse' RoF of the semi-auto Sweeper is unoticable in practice, all shotguns kill before enemy can react.
  7. Bulaven

    If you were going for a good shotty I would go with the sweeper as it can lay waste to an enemy fast "If you know what your doing" try not spamming the left mouse button and make your shots hit.
    -Get that extended mag it is your friend.
    -sometimes it is good to rush in and spam fire but with the sweeper you won't runout of shots on the first guy because of a high ROF emptying your mag.
    That is my opinion though as now when i use shotguns I go heavy assault and use the jackhammer which is fun as hell to bum rush a guy and shoot him in the face.
    What ever you get though just stick with it.
  8. Paulus

    from seeing it the other side, i die alot more to Piston than i do Sweaper, but that could just be because everyone carries Piston

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