[SUSQ] Terran Tactical Sundering Squad

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by RFMG567, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. RFMG567

    Hi all,

    The Sundering Squad is a bunch of semi-competitive TR gamers chillin' out and deploying wherever helps our fellow teammates. We help fellow Terrans reach the front lines quicker.

    Find our outfit in-game by entering ARMOR and COMPETITIVE in the search filters.

    Expert drivers wanted. Crazy drivers more so.

    Join the mayhem - sign up today!

  2. RFMG567

  3. RFMG567

    If you're looking for a casual group to join - why not us?
    We are among the most populated outfits on Briggs (ranked #131 out of all Briggs outfits with population over 48)

    Come find us in game - just search under ARMOR and COMPETITIVE in the filters.
    We even have our own teamspeak server now - go to http://thewhitehounds.enjin.com/sunderingsquad for more information

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