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  1. Zagareth

    Im wondering if this is possible for the most of the players here:

    Survive at least 1 hour in this game continuously under the following rules
    • Be part of any kind of combat
    • Kill at least 10 enemies
      • If you need more than 1 hour for this, then you have to survive the whole time you need
      • If you play Stalker, only knife kills count (Pistols and Xbow are cheap :D)
      • No Spawnroom kills (did I say cheap? ;))
      • If you play Sniper, you have to kill at least 30 Enemies (10 are too easy for snipers)
    • Dont hide in any safe place, where the enemy cant kill you
      • No VR, No Warpgate
      • No corner hugging for Stalkers :p
    • Dont log off during this time
    Survival, while being part of the fight is the challenge, not the killing. But to make sure, you are a part of any fight, you have to expose yourself to the enemy so he gets a chance to kill you.
    Well, I definitely forgot something that someone will surely exploit, but hey - challenge yourself, you dont have to prove it to me.
  2. ObiVanuKenobi

    Hard to define what is a safe place and exposing yourself to enemy, you can just stay behind friendlies or on top of some hill or at a distance from a fight. There's a very low chance someone will kill you and you could easily survive for an hour.
  3. Zagareth

    Well, as long as you are able to kill someone, then the enemy is able to counterkill you - even on the top of a hill, an enemy sniper can take you out - and when you are too far, you cant kill anyone either.

    And if you think its a challenge for you to sit where you are safe and survive... ok, thats your choice, but can you still look in a mirror with pride? :p
  4. Campagne

    I think I've probably done this several times already, as a sniper.

    Get a good open spot with some cover and mobility and the only thing that can kill ya' is another sniper. The bottleneck there becomes the length of the battle. :cool:
  5. Lucidius134

    Back when i had a PC that could run this (even then, not well), I used to have a lot of fun being a Fat C4 Fairy. I'd go HA, run along the outskirts of a base camp by being lucky and masking my movements with terrain. I'd sprint all the way around, taking cover behind rocks when aircraft were about or when reinforcements rolled in. It was realy fun.

    There were a few times where I was literally hiding in a bush as a buncha sunderers and tanks drove past because it was in a slightly uncontested area and no one was expecting me. I'd also get spotted sometimes but it was fun doing stelath without using a cloak. Then i'd C4 and rocket shelling tanks. C4 and then rocket would allow you to get 2 tank kills in 1 spawn but you had to be fast. Didn't work out very often but the 1 kill that way saved resources. You could also find sunderers this way sometimes.

    There was one time by the tower south of crown when I c4'd a prowler as the drivers were getting out to repair and then I got to gun them down. There were other times when eliteeskimo ran me over when i was about to detonate the c4.

    Other things, using HE Crossbow bolts and stalker cloak to hide inside of bushes and shrubs and shooting tanks in the rear, making them freak the **** out and retreat. I would do this in the SE warpgate area sometimes.
  6. thetruth296

    I have done this many times not only as a sniper but as a HA and playing in a harasser. One time I raked up around 80 kills as a VS sniper with the ghost within 50-80 meters of the NC going in and out of cover to score a kill... and the best thing to do as a sniper is always stay moving, kill then move as simple as that if you want to be found just stay in that one spot.
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