Super cheating caused a sharp drop in the number of Soltech players.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by PSonline, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. PSonline

    The Soltech server is going through a disaster.

    A large number of super cheating players are destroying the fairness of the game. They can slaughter the entire army by themselves.

    The names of these super cheating players are usually consecutive, such as GM110X UFOXX and so on.

    They can appear from any place, in the sky, underground, and inside. They can lock enemies in any direction. They have no cooling time, fire unlimited fire and lock automatica.

    Worst of all, the Soltech server does not have an online administrator. Usually these super cheating players will play for 5-6 hours without being banned.

    Due to the slow checking action, the super cheating players were not banned in time, which caused a large number of new players to refuse to log in to planetside 2, and the old players slowly lost interest.

    If Daybreak Game Company still does nothing, then the soltech server will soon lose 70% of its players. It is foreseeable that soltech will be closed in the future.
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  2. PSonline

  3. PSonline

    At this time, GM1106 is cheating wildly in the game. Due to the time difference, the administrator may be sleeping.
  4. B-96

    These idiots still don't know the seriousness of the situation.
    To them, the Asian server is just a story from another world far away.
  5. Tumdaydar

    That is not the only sirver geting cheaters us servers are geting cheaters as well. Just yesterday i saw 3 guys going invis with no implants and shot through wall. Its what happens when a game gets old
  6. George6408

    Yeah cheaters have been really obvious and bad on soltech recently, would just take a couple of mods to ban these guys from stats, they are getting 30+KPM
  7. Timetrooper

    Just wanting to add to the conversation and say that this is a real notable issue, have never had as much trouble with hacking like this in many years of playing the game. Bringing back the automated system to ban the most egregious hackers maybe?

    Hoping for some clarity from the developers that they are aware of this issue and are working on resolving it or at least pressuring for some resolution from the Battleye team.
  8. PSonline

    UFOXX is online and is slaughtering enemy camp vehicles.

  9. PSonline

  10. PSonline

  11. BiGMiPPiE101

    Save Soltech Bandana man. A healthy Soltech will generate much more money in microtransactions than the cost of cheap moderation.