Sundy's vs. Phoenix

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SickPuppy, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. SickPuppy

    Sundy's lose... They need a rocket shield now or else the NC will drop a Phoenix storm on them 1 kilometer away while sitting in their Lazyboy.
  2. HellasVagabond

    Solution : Move them back further than 300m so the Phoenix can't reach them or closer than 50m so the Phoenix can't turn to hit them.
    Problem solved.

    PS : In what dream did you see that the Phoenix has 1Km range ?
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  3. Dubious

    The correct title would be Phoenix Vs. Sundy
  4. DaninTexas

    Or you can spawn an engineer and laugh as you have now created a Credit fountain
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  5. PhilDun

    300m is a pretty far distance.
  6. HellasVagabond

    No it's not. Most vehicles can turn tail and run and if they start running when you are 200m you will not be able to catch them with the Phoenix (don't forget that the range of the Phoenix also takes into account the Traveled distance and you almost never can shoot on a straight line).
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  7. Rudette

    Move the sundy back to proper cover. Those rockets don't turn well enough to get you with proper positioning.

    If you out number the NC force it wouldn't hurt to have four or five engies mob up on it for repair. If forces are equal or you are outnumbered and you can't afford to take that many guys out of the fight then, as suggested, reposition.
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  8. Cougarbrit

    Sit at 305m
    Laugh as all those Phoenix users try desperately to hit you, then finally give up and switch to Shrikes, and still fail to kill you.
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  9. Jaes

    My NC tears start flowing when this happens :(
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  10. Dubious

    Move 5 meters, problem solved
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  11. JP_Russell

    Ha, ha, 1Km. I imagine most Phoenix users would happily give up the ability to hit infantry at all if they could fly the missile that far.
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  12. Zamos

    Amazing how the op faction got the best and easy to use launcher
  13. Cowboyhomer

    1km is laughable. You obviously know what you are talking about....
  14. 13lackCats

    Its good to clear out enemy units from a spawn zone beofre setting up a spawn.
  15. Sweet Jackal

    I honestly hate this reply. You do realize that most launchers cannot take down a Sundy solo if that Sundy is being repaired by just one engineer, right? You understand that even the Striker will run out of ammo long before the Sundy goes down if it is being repaired by a lone engineer.

    This statement does not take into account 4-5 people using a weapon at the same time.
  16. daddy86

    last thing i heard phoenix has a nuclear warhead and destroys everyone at the crown in 1 shot that came from nc warpgate.

    Stop the crying over the phoenix, it has been rebalanced twice now i swear some of you losers will not stop bashing nc weapons until we throw rocks at you and even then you claim OP.

    you allready got it so our max will be nerfed too whats next? the vanguard? or do you just want to delete all the weapons we have instantly?

    NC weapons take practise to become good with them while vanu have no recoil and terran fire faster then rabbits have s3x.
    People are getting better with them now and since we are slowly becoming equal to you easymode BS you cry, just leave you COD noob
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  17. Purg

    In my Platoon, it's a race for about 5 of our guys to take out the Sundy - and none of them use a rocket launcher and the takedown is instant. I'm just happy if I can get my one Phoenix in so I can bask in assist XP.
  18. DaninTexas

    That was kinda my point. OP complaining about losing his sundy. Instead of me losing my sundy I hop out and rep it.
  19. ColdCheezePizza

    Sundys have more to fear from the AV turret IMO unlimited ammo, can also be guided, missle can't be shot down, missle travels at a faster rate of speed, much higher dps especially if reload is certed, range much longer than Phoenix and the turret acts as a partial shield, a benefit the monetarily blind Phoenix user doesnt have.
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  20. Kaon1311

    I dont think people realise that if you spawn an ams sundy you cant run off and let the xp roll in (good spot/battle anyway) they have to babysit it too.
    So join the battle and let a dedicated sundy driver deplay his vehicle, you do your job, he will do his.
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