Sundy Rear Weapons: Paladin, Aurora and Siegebreaker

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Daigons, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Daigons

    How is everyone liking these new Sundy rear weapons? So far my favorite is the NC Paladin which hits like a truck. The Siegebreaker is ok but you need to arc your shots for longer ranges and you have to let go of the trigger to reload. The Aurora has a good looking model, but I feel like it's damage potential is no better than the Basilisks at mid-range. In fact I think that the Basilisks will out perform the Aurora at close range.

    Overall I was surprised that DB even added new ES weapons to a NS platform. Maybe just replace them with a Halberd for the rear gun option? That way they avoid the whole balance issue.
  2. Liewec123

    i think sunderer is an odd choice for them, i think they would be pretty awesome on lightning!
    overall TR would be my favourite if the camera would work for me.
    i also quite like the odd sniper shotgun that the VS have! :D
    for some reason the NC railgun just doesn't seem to pack the punch i think it would imho.
    its got OHK potential on infantry which is pretty interesting, but for AV it seems fairly weak.
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  3. BurntMyWater

    I like the NC and TR ones. NC finally get a proper hard-hitting railgun. TR get a variant of the GK, which is a little boring but consistent with TR military doctrine of tried-and-tested weapons.

    I don't really like the Aurora in its current state though. For an accurate long range weapon, it seems to have rather large spread. Sure it has no drop, but when the two shots sometimes can't hit the same target at range I think it's time for a redesign. I'd much rather they got a pinpoint accurate continuous beam cannon.
  4. TheSunlikeOne

    VS aurora can practically kill any infantry with 3-4 shots at very long range, and ~2 shots at close-mid ranges. Even C85 (which is dedicated AI gun) can outperform it only at very close range. Not to mention that Aurora has the same-ish accuracy, that GK had.
  5. Daigons

    Well let's hope once they iron out any balance issues with the new ES weapon systems, they'll become available for Lightnings and Harassers.
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  6. FieldMarshall

    This please! :)
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  7. BartasRS

    Well, IMO VS gun is the worst of them all at this moment. It may have same-ish (very low) TTK as other guns but its accuracy and effectiveness at longer distance is debatable at least. Basically it shots 2 projectiles and when both hit it's OK but random firing pattern makes almost impossible to land both hits on a target at longer range which effectively halfs its damage and doubles TTK against vehicles. Still, I fail to grasp the idea behind those weapons on a Sundy. I mean, Sundy should not be a dedicated long range AV platform (which those weapons barely do, well, except NC one), AA potential of those weapons (except NC one again) is poor at best and AI... well, TR one has this "scary" factor, NC one can OHK and is quite accurate, VS one... can't say anything good about it ATM.

    Can I have a picture of these weapons? Please?
  9. BartasRS

    here is a vid from PTS (not mine)
  10. OtoriAssahara

    Siegebreaker is finally good weapon for TR. Paladin need buff, is weak (charging time).
  11. Nobalification

    little bit more ammo. Maybe 6, but its hitscan weapon with really little bullet drop. VS one doesnt even have bullet drop and TR ones rockets are droping like stones in water.