Sunderer No-Deploy Zones: Show

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Death Reaper, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. moooosa

    The Roadmap isn't a democracy, it's just a place to voice your opinion. The devs will continue to do whatever the hell they want, but they might pay some attention to the feedback.
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  2. HerpTheDerp

    It's a good idea in theory. In practice there's many ways in which to **** it up, and it's an incomplete feature without the dome shields.
  3. Eclipson

    I've noticed a large increase in team killing sunderer's lately, since there are less spots to deploy them. It hasn't really made combat worse, its more just annoying to have to run 50m every time you respawn to get to the fight, creating downtime that you would have been fighting during before. Medium's such as the roadmap were put in place just to keep the community happy, but things like this just show that it has to real say in what they will be adding to the game.
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  4. Spookydodger

    C'mon, connect the dots. :D

    Shield break into shielded area, hack vehicle terminal, pull spawn sundy.
  5. Greddy

    I can see the reason for attacker's sundies get limited by this no deploy zones, but for defenders? this must be an oversight...
    Being limited to one spawn point (the spawn room) is one of the reasons why defenders get spawncamped. With no sundies for defenders to hold the front line, it makes it harder to defend the base.
  6. Elbryan

    No more sneak attacks with GSD/Gal to hack terminals and pull AMS.

    My infiltrator will be out of job now. =(

    This change really hurts the smaller outfits and caters to the zerg mentality...
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  7. gualty

    Don't think this feature was introduced to add something tactically or strategically.
    Just to limit some weird use of the sundies when attacking a base.
  8. notyourbuddy

    Defended a Tech Plant earlier today and the no-deploy zone made the battle a much more dynamic back-n-forth affair than it usually is since Sunderers could no longer be deployed inside the relative safety of the main Tech Plant building.

    If you killed someone near the capture point and if they didn't have a medic nearby to revive them it meant something. Much more than it would have meant under the old Sunderer deployment rules.

    Sure its purely anecdotal, but my initial impression of these zones thus far (from the dozen or so bases I've fought at that had them) is quite positive.
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  9. rayvon

    Its a good idea tbh, its too easy for the attackers to set up three or four sundies inside the cap zone without this feature, its all good in my book.
  10. SgtBreastroker

    He's talking about getting a Diffuser Sundy inside, getting an infiltrator to hack the vehicle terminals to spawn an AMS sundy.
  11. Haruk

    No-one-deploys. None. Zero. No sunderers deploy in those zones. Zip. Nada. Absolutely no hotdog stands allowed.

    Worst zoning ordinance ever. Who doesn't like hotdog stands?
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  12. Cirevam

    No Prowlers either. Sure it's just a bug (right?) but SOE must really hate hotdog stands.

    I realized this before pump-action shotguns were released. There was a FNO episode where Luperza and Jimmy were looking at the Roadmap, and they say pump-actions at the bottom and were genuinely surprised that so many people didn't want them. They weren't even reading the Roadmap at that point... so nothing has changed, and you're absolutely right.

    I haven't had a chance to see how the no-deploy zones affect battle, but I can think of a few ways to get deployed sunderers into the zones. Tech plants should be easy, but it will take a while to set up.
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  13. Cl1mh4224rd

  14. DuckSauce

    "Amerish Lattice didn't work out and we needed to rush something into GU12"
  15. Loegi

    Wait, so if you go as a TR for example, to a TR owned Amp station, you'd be unable to deploy there?

    Because that wasn't the case on PTS. You were able to deploy at friendly facilities, but not enemy facilities.

    That would be a stupidly hard blow to defence, again.
  16. Haruk

    That's correct. No deployment of any faction.

    I'm going to have to close my hotdog business.
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  17. Torok

    I haven't played that much to judge this tweak but as far as i've seen it it's interesting rather than good or bad as you call it, since it applies to both attackers and defenders it's a balanced tweak and it helps the defenders flow somehow, in the way that they don't spawn anymore in stupid places like the bottom of the biolab camping the shields or inside an AMP station standing still waiting for godot, because too scared of the shooting outside.

    wait before passing judge, i can't say i dislike it but i know i will have a smirk on my face sometimes when i'll want to put a ninja sundy somewhere
  18. [HH]Mered4

    I am unsure when the *lets limit the movements of players* thing started happening, but I hate it with a passion, cuz its just stupid.

    GIVE US FREEDOM *cough* i mean


    That sounds better.

    Anyway. Can we get some new Tank variants? Like sniper barrels or autocannons?


    Please. Generators are so boring. I want something else to do too.
  19. Nepau

    I had personally Downvoted it because I didn't want it to be a Static thing, but something that the attackers could deal with. If it was tied to say a Generator or a Base benefit then it adds another tactical layer to attacking a base ( do we want to focus on cutting off their X so they lose the deploy protection or send in a spec ops team to take it down before we advance?).

    Seeing them in action last night They don't seem too bad but I still want them to be more of an active element instead of the static thing they are right now.
  20. Cidroyz

    This no deploy zone just kills all AMP station alerts..