[Suggestion] Sunderer Battle Tips and Other Tips

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    If your team and the enemy are fighting over no-mans-land and you are slowly getting pushed, try this. Spawn a sunderer, fill it up with at least 2 other people, and drive towards no man's land, constantly shooting at the vehicles infront of you, supposing there aren't many tanks directly infront of you. Chances are that you will destroy at least one vehicle and mow down a lot of players. Use your sunderer as a shield and a ram, drawing fire and constantly on the move forward. When you get to a safe spot, use your Engineers to repair, supposing you did fill up with some.

    Another tip for using a sunderer effectively is simply to fill it up with as many people as possible in different roles. Of course, you will want Engineers, but don't restrict yourself to just them. Every class will be helpful. If you do have Engineers, Heavy Assaults, and Light Assaults, use them to buy time against vehicles that are chasing you. Its alright if they die as long as they buy you enough time to be able to deploy, and never forget that. This is about war asset management, and they are assets. Instruct them to hop out at specific times to defend against an approaching vehicle and draw fire. If you have Heavy Assaults and Light Assaults, they can damage the tank with Launchers and Locklets and help you be able to defeat it or at least buy you time. If you have Engineers, you can place down tank mines so the unsuspecting tank will run into them if they don't have Minesweeper. If you have a Medic, the only AV things they can do is C4 or UB, so you can use them to keep the anti-tank squad alive. Infiltrators can wait for the tanks to run away and attack the Engineers or go hack the vehicle term if you are near a base so that they can spawn a sunderer and continue the assault.

    Make sure to use that horn! Players will typically not enter a vehicle when it would be advantageous to do so, so beep that horn and spam V-0. And if you need them for a specific purpose, tell them what you are planning to do. Give callouts for what you want them to do when the situation arises so that you all work as a cohesive unit.

    And block gunfire for your allied troops. Chances are that they are going to get sniped or blown up by the stupid things they are doing, so take an angle and shield them as you approach.
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