[Suggestion] Sunderer AMS Revamp

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ZenzotuskeN, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. ZenzotuskeN

    A sunderer rolls up to a enemy base, the driver press's the Deploy Button, the twin doors open up revealing the spawn shield within the sunderer a loadout terminal exists, soldiers emerge from within the sunderer some changing their loadouts before adventuring outside the sunderer

    TLDR: Sunderer Revamp into a portable spawn room complete with shield where the double doors open and infantry terminal inside.
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  2. patrykK1028

    Yeah, give us more spawn room camping!!!
    I can imagine 20 HAs with RLs shooting tanks and being in Godmode
  3. DrPapaPenguin

    You can just destroy the sunderer though.
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  4. Swooped

    Only problem is you just turned the sundy weak spot into a shield door. I do like the idea of not just randomly appearing next to the sunderer when you spawn though.
  5. AlexR

    No. This is a bad idea. There should not be any situation where you can feel SAFE inside the ENEMY base. If your sunderer is there then it should be a big challenge. And what is stopping 20 engineers to be inside that shield and repair sundie forever?
  6. MaRyuu

    maybe little buff to deploy shield? like medic's shield recharge bubble.
    while deploy shield is on everyone iside its bubble is protected
  7. cruczi

    Sunderer doesn't have a weak spot
  8. cruczi

    The same thing that stops engineers inside tanks just using the repair gun without stepping out.

  9. Swooped

    Hmmm... I was not aware this was the case. I wonder why blockade armor reduces damage taken from the rear by 8% more then.
  10. Rovertoo

    Hmm. If it was only the back double doors with the shield, then it would still be able to be killed with ease (maybe more ease) because all the defenders would be crammed in the back. I dunno. Sounds cool at least.
  11. Axehilt

    Sunderers start with the same resistance for all facings.

    Blockade is the only thing that changes that, and yes it actually makes the rear resist stronger than any other direction for the sunderer, which is why you'll see some battle sundy drivers drive it backwards into battle. Alternatively, it's naturally protecting your sunderer when you drive into a sundy bay to deploy it (although nowadays you mostly just want Shield Sunderers as they're overpowered, and one Ammo sundy at a safer location.) It also has synergy for battle sundies that rush past the enemy in small-medium sized vehicle fights, since any vehicles that give chase end up facing the rear armor and due to the sunderer's reasonably good forward speed it's super easy to keep that tougher rear armor facing your opponents.)
  12. Siilk

    What's the point of such a revamp? There is no real "sundie camping", if your sundie is surrounded it'll die in a matter of seconds.
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