Sunday Scrims: The Dread Legion v. CASH/Outfit X COME WATCH!

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  1. OdinsPride

    TONIGHT! Sunday 10/27 at 8pm pst
    You will get to see 3 of the premiere outfits on Connery server go head to head in a scrimmage in multiple formats!

    First set will be similar to the original Community Clash (CC) format, while the second set will seem more like the recent CCs.

    Our wonderful friend kidRiot will be casting this scrim, and providing YOU with all kinds of great insights into what it takes to make it in the game we all love, Planetside 2.

    Tune in to his stream after 7, and get ready for the epicness of epicosity!

    I know each outfit is really excited, and we relish the opportunity to get better and practice against some of the best guys out there!
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  2. Ribero

    Nifty hope I'm awake to catch it,

    Also may want to put up some links to those who'll be streaming or casting it, for those who don't know where to go.
  3. SolLeks

    This is gonna be fun >=)
  4. OdinsPride

    Sure! i posted the actual stream on the OP, but here is the link...
  5. OdinsPride

  6. OdinsPride

  7. Flickory

    If kidriot is streaming on twitch, will the video be up for a while for later viewing?
  8. OdinsPride

    you would have to ask him!
  9. Kaal87

    Twitch has previous broadcast option to view old streams, I think they'll stay up on that section for about a week before its lost to the internet. Though KR does do youtube commentary + critique, so we put on a noteworthy show I'm sure he'll have a recap video up in the future.
  10. SolLeks

    Bump, Getting close to game time!
  11. SolLeks

    Starting now!
  12. Dnuts175

    Shout out to CASH and X for playing with us. I had a lot of fun.