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  1. 4JlEH30CM

    i know that this topic they will not read but i'll try because i love this game very much so these my suggestions that i really wanna to see in my lovely PS2

    1. very dark night like event not a usual night. when battle become little bit close to real. you need need to use gun's lights, headlights of vehicles and thermal scopes for better aiming enemy. maybe add light rocket.

    2. galaxy and bastion fleet carrier for mass landing of infantry and vehicles. it must be epic.

    3. PvE event, very rare event something like in "Starship Troopers" movie people against arachnids. it will switch players from routine for some time.

    Also i am working in game industry since 2007 in the programmers department and if i can be your remote coder it will be honor for me.
  2. Liewec123

    Dark night is one of the big nono imho,
    Its bad enough already, I play on ultra with my monitor set for average brightness and contrast.
    Night is nearly pitch black for me already, but other people playing on low can see everything clearly.

    If you make it even darker then you're just giving more of a handicap to people
    playing low with brightness and contrast cranked right the way up.
    I'lol literally be staring at a black screen while they are getting free kills on everything.

    If there wasn't an ability to change settings so everyone was on an even footing then sure, go dark!
    But as long as settings can be changed then I consider nights too dark already for folks playing ultra.

    PVE is a cool idea, i'd like some wild monster threats too, like the yeti howl easter egg on esamir,
    We could add an actual yeti! And carnivorous plants on hossin, packs of wild dog like creatures on amerish etc.
  3. 4JlEH30CM

    yeah i understand you about settings but i think if everybody use lights, headlights of vehicles and light rockets you wil not see black screen. and also you can use IR scope there definatelly no black screen and its created for these situations.

  4. 4JlEH30CM

    this is showcase how civilians use a anti-aircraft floodlight in civil purposes. i belive that its cool to do same floodlight for anti-aircraft lightnings and/or all vehicles that can bu used in this dark night event
  5. Demigan

    1: dark nights could work, but it needs to be in a way that a simple brightness change cannot overcome it. You dont want players who use the proper settings to be helpless against people who crank up their brightness.
    You would have to make it a rendering change. Colors get washed out the farther the environment/target is and the textures also get more and more uniform so that at a certain distance it becomes invisible in the background. Since this applies to both colors and textures it would mean that cranking up the brightness just changes the shapes from black to grey.

    I would also love it if lights became more useful. Shining it directly at someone could create that bright burst effect and make the area behind the flashlight darker or even black, hiding the user somewhat and making flashlights less of a "shoot me" sign.

    2: just ramming Galaxies and Bastion Carriers into the game to drop basically a zerg on an area isnt the best idea. They need to support the existing gameplay.

    3: horrible idea. AI is a terribly difficult thing to add to a game, but it also needs exponentially more resources to calculate distances. PS2 has a lot of large bases and terrain to cross. Another large game that was designed for PvE and had arachnid inspired rip offs in it (Firefall) required seperate servers to control the AI, and the amount of players and size per instance was large but by no means as large as PS2. This would require immense amounts of programming for little gain. Would I want this if it were reasonably possible? Yes! But its just not something achievable.
  6. BrbImAFK

    If it were to be properly dark, I think it would be wicked to have strobe-lights (a la linky) with which to incapacitate your enemy. I'm pretty sure PS2 already carries a strobe-warning, so there wouldn't be any epilepsy concerns.

    Obviously, we'd also need some sort of optional counter to it, like how the IRNV scopes (normally subpar choices) counter smoke-spam (e.g. the Optical Thingy implant, or maybe the IRNV scope would ignore the strobe or something).
  7. Pikachu

    You should try night battles in War Thunder. :D They can be very dark depending on level of clouds and lunar phase. Winter battles with full moon are quite pretty.







  8. Liewec123

    i've had some nights on Hossin when playing on Ultra were i literally couldn't see if i was on the road or driving into a mountain!
  9. Pikachu

    Your monitor must be wierd. o_O PS2 nights never get darker than dusk.