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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Cryptek, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Cryptek

    Saying that the MAX has sidegrades right now is pretty much an insult when you look past different flavors of AI weapons. But hey, beta was pretty rough and a lot of stuff had to be cut, at least we received a little love for launch. However the fact that there is only charge as an ability and only one gun upgrade is kinda sad (I refuse calling *increase clip size by 50%* a side grade) So I figured it was time for a few suggestions:

    Special abilities: These all replace the sprint ability (like ammo canister but a little less boring)

    Travel mode: the run mode from planetside 1 essentially, for those of you who didn't play it, here's the run down. The MAX powers down it's weapons over the course of 2 seconds and then starts running really fast, it's not exactly maneuverable, in fact I think most tanks in the game currently handle better, but it did let you run at 30 km/h which is pretty fast for infantry, it also took 2 seconds to power down again, so you couldn't exactly chase people with it, unless you want to give them plenty-a-time to start shooting you in the face while your guns are offline.

    Ammo factory: give it a little bar like jump packs and heavy shield, only what this does is slowly replenish your ammo, pretty simple and it would allow you to not be constantly glued to an engineer, as well as still forcing you to be slightly conservative with your ammunition as it is not nearly as effective as an ammo pack. (of course you'd need to remove ammo canister, since this would obviously be better.. but that ability is really boring, so there's that) to give you an idea, you'd get maybe a full clip per minute, 30 seconds when fully certed, meaning if you were spamming bursters/AV guns you'd still need to take breaks, since you burn through clips for those REALLY fast.

    Basic Model: Removes cost and cooldown from the MAX, however it also reduces the unit to 1 gun and reduce health by 25%, meaning it'll be mediocre/terrible at one job without the versatility of 2 different types of gun or combined killing power of dual wielding one type. Considering that you don't get charge (which has saved my behind several times and let me get a lot of kills because it's amazing for chasing) Then all you're left with is a very crummy MAX, but it's free so it'll let you stomp around if your awesome MAX unit is on cooldown. You can probably still win a 1v1 in CQC tho.. Unless it's a HA ;p, but that's about it and you are nowhere near a slaughter machine.

    Overshield: I know, I know.. it's the NC's faction specific ability from PS1.. although what I had in mind was mostly just the heavy assault shield.. not a buffed version mind you, just.. the normal overshield, which in itself would give a huge amount of survivability.

    Shield booster: Nope not a shield for the MAX, instead it's an activate AOE heal like the medics.. Only it's for peoples shields, allowing the MAX to give some survivability to the infantry units around it, letting them lead daring charges with fellow infantry even more effectively.

    Light model: Reduce health by 30%, increase speed to being 20% faster than normal infantry, simple but it would be an interesting alternative, especially considering that a MAX is currently slower than normal infantry.

    As for weapons side grades

    You cannot really go the whole red dot, foreward grip, suppressors route and lots of scopes route for normal sidearms here for obvious reasons.. So instead I'd suggest different ammo types

    AI weapons:

    AV rounds for the AI guns, worse at killing infantry, AWESOME for killing other MAXes and mediocre/useless against anything bigger than a wounded lightning (in other words worse than the current AV guns) but also allow you to annoy ESF if they hover too close to the ground.

    HE rounds for the AI guns, greatly reduces clip and ammo size, adds proximity splash damage to bullets allowing you to shred bunched up infantry. (however if people bunch up against a MAX, they're kinda asking for it anyway)

    Calibrated guns/targeting systems (this one only really works for quasars and cyclers) Changes the fire rate from full automatic to burst fire, increases accuracy as if you were scoped on a normal infantry gun. Reducing your CQC abilities greatly, but giving you improved medium range capability and crummy long range cability (As opposed to no long range capability :p)

    Piercer rounds: Ok these are nasty, you'll do greatly reduced damage, bullet travel time is increased and RoF is reduced.. however they ignore shields and damage health directly, (They'd do less damage than normal bullets, since they'd need to have a lower TTK than normal rounds who have to punch through a shield first, the appeal being that you could whittle anyone without a medic down with these bad boys)

    AV weapons:

    HEAP rounds: Like the standard guns for tanks, you give the AV guns for the MAX enough splash that shooting next to someones feet will actually hurt them, the downside being that your AV capability becomes worse to compensate.

    Dis-abler rounds: Greatly reduces the damage (you basically can't kill a tank with 'em), however this adds a slowing effect to them, making vehicles slow down perhaps 20-30% when certed fully and dual wielded, it's not game breaking, but it'll give your squad an advantage and allow others to move in for the kill, not to mention let your own tanks flank the enemy while your suppressing them.

    HE rounds: Completely give up your ability to harm vehicles to have awesome long range infantry hunting weapons, flush them out of cover with those grenade launchers! However the splash damage makes them highly hazardous to use in CQC since you'll rip yourself apart as well. Of course you'd still need to land several rounds to kill anyone with these, but the splash damage could deny cover from people.

    AA Weapons (Bursters)

    Projectile Ammo: Replace your FLAK rounds with non exploding, heavy tungsten rods, a LOT harder to hit moving targets with, but they pack a mean punch and can even be used against tanks (but not effectively, considering they're designed for aircraft) Specifically these weapons are effective against liberators and galaxies, since hitting a ESF with these is quite tricky.

    Inferno rounds: Greatly reduced fire rate, reload time and decreased clip size, but.. planes hit by these rounds will however catch fire, gaining a non-stackable (not even stacking with other MAXes with Inferno rounds) DoT that does quite a bit of damage, the DoT is however put out within seconds if they have on board extinguishers equipped.

    Dis-abler rounds: Like the AV version, they don't do a lot of damage by themselves, but to a aircraft, loosing even 20% speed can be devastating, especially if used in conjunction with other AA platforms (such as dogfighting aircraft!)

    Feel free to discuss and come up with your own suggestions, but please keep it constructive and if you disagree make sure you have your facts in order ;)
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  2. Fafnir

    Anything is better than no options we have now.
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    I like all these points.
  4. VKhaun

    Originally all MAX suits were supposed to have access to all three abilities from planetside and the charge as a fourth option. I don't know what happened to that, but I suspect they'll be put in. For ten bagillion-million cert points of course, but they'll be there for you to look at in the menu at least.
  5. Skadi

    lockdown teir 1, just immobilizes you, 1% to reload speed, 1% less damage, 100 certs
    Teir 2, 2% of that crap, 200 certs
    Teir3, 5% of that crap, 1000 certs

    Calling it.
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  6. Ecko

    The current Max sidegrades are crap. For ex. Kinetic armor - it provides 1% protection for 150 certs. Really, 1%?
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  7. Cryptek

    I have my doubts about that, after all they already said that the Vanu empire specific ability won't be comming back, now that the light assault has that ability.

    secondly they gave the TR and NC MAX abilities to the prowler and vanguard respectively. They might come back, but it's not a certainty.


    As cool as empire specific abilities would be, I'd prefer if they actually added some options for side grades and specialization to the MAXes first tho.
  8. KaMiKaZePiG

    Uh, that's actually the opposite of what Higby said. They plan on getting empire specific MAX abilities in, when they can.
  9. Drakortha

    It would be awesome if we could cert into some bionic type of abilities. Such as zoom, thermal, and x-ray visions. Especially the x-ray as it would give it an even bigger advantage in-doors.

    I'd also like to see some ways to support my team. Right now MAX's are just damage dealers. It would be nice to have a few options for AoE effects. For example, what if we could have a big ammo pack on our back which auto supplies ammo to nearby team mates. Or a healing pack that adds a slight healing regen in a radius.

    Just a few of my own idea to make the class a bit more team oriented and more of a cyborg.
  10. Cryptek

    I believe he was talking about anchor mode and the NC shield.

    Edit: Also trust me, I hope I'm wrong.. There's nothing I'd rather have than jump jets for my Vanu MAX. But the odds are stacked against it.
  11. Cryptek

  12. Kardes

    Sounds fun. Right now max needs more too the class.

    Anything that can give more options is fine with me.

    More options!!!! :p
  13. Tungsten

    Completely agree one of the biggest downsides of the max for me right now is its lack of diversification.
  14. brilig

    Ability to launch a smoke screen?
  15. Cryptek

    was that ever useful to normal infantry? just wondering since I never see it around any more :eek:
  16. Fafnir

    That's because most underbarrel launchers have been removed from the game.

    The ability to launch smoke screen would be more usefull for MAXes than any other classes, because that would let us close distance without getting focused by every enemy in sight. Combine that with IRVN implants, if we ever get them and just imagine all those screams.
  17. Cryptek

    well there is a carbine that can get it, I also see people with normal grenade launchers every now and then, they hurt like hell D:

    scopes in general for the MAX would be very appreciated! just link it to another key

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