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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Angelxlife, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Angelxlife

    I need some help on deciding which light assault weapon to get for the VS. I prefer a gun with mid/long range but not useless in close combat.
  2. Iridar51

    No carbine is useless in close combat, except maybe AC-X11 with ranged attachments, and even then you can do some knife shenanigans.

    When it comes to VS, sounds like Pulsar C is right up your alley. I'd recommend using it with 1x reflex, HVA, Forward Grip, no barrel attachment. That way you'll get a versatile weapon with acceptable hip fire.

    Pulsar C set up that way is pretty much the best and most versatile VS carbine, but strong vertical recoil will limit your effective range somewhat, and take some getting used to.
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  3. Corezer

    as is said, carbines by their nature will have effectiveness up close, plus cqc is 90% positioning and initiative anyway, the .1 second TTK difference between a serpent and a solstice isn't the biggest thing.

    Just about every primary in the game is accurate out to 60m (which is where carbines in general just underperform, even the "long range" ones...), so the other side of long range use, controllability, is the main thing here. For this the selection for VS is actually pretty big. I like the stock Solstice, the Pulsar C, and the Zenith, those are your main choices. I use the zenith for general purposes cause +50% to strafe magic, and the other 2 based on if I am going to get access to supplies or not, I feel the pulsar C stretches your ammo a bit further...

    Also, don't forget the NS11-C like I just did...
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  4. UberNoob1337101

    Pulsar C or Zenith, though I prefer Zenith due to faster TTK in general, but if you're going to exclusively engage in long-range Pulsar C is much better. Another excellent option is NS-11C, it's a good-all gun that will serve you well at any range but isn't particularly awesome at anything except ridiculously controllable recoil and CoF bloom.

    Out of all of them, IMHO Zenith is your best bet. It has Adv. laser sight, Adv. forward grip, compensator, suppressor or flash suppressor and 1x trough 4x scopes. It's very versatile and with decent RoF (730 RPM) good accuracy and a wide selection of attachments it can be use for anything, really.

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