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  1. RiP0k

    (Translated from Russian)

    Having played decent in the builder, I want to leave an offer for Rogue Planet Games.
    So, we will begin:
    1. Add Xiphos Anti-Personnel Turret
    2.If you want the Structure Shield Module to automatically enable Overcharge Shields when the structures get damage
    3. Blast Wall rework required, namely getting rid of stairs and thresholds, and adding a shield from Structure Shield Module
    4. Redo Sunderer Garage adding on the sides of the window down the middle
    5. Repair point at Vehicle Gate move to where the display is above the stairs
    6. Add XP for Allied ammunition replenishment from Vehicle Ammo Dispenser
    7. Add the machine repair spire, for repair getting xp to the creator. The spire itself to make vulnerable to infantry and equipment weapons.
    8.! this item in my opinion will increase the value of the bases, namely, add a new structure in the form of a checkpoint, approaching which you can go to the device selection menu like at Routing Spire and taking the device will need to come to its Hexa checkpoint and hold the checkpoint activation button to install the device, thus linking the Hexa points and its base. A point on the base to make vulnerable to all weapons and make visible on the map to all. For holding the point within the same radius as on hexa also gain experience. Also add a limit of the radius of installation between the reference point and the orbital impact so that it can be placed within the radius of Cortium Silo either.
    9. Add an Elysium Spawn Tube Revival Point for Reinforcements Module.
    10. Add a tracking sensor function within 20 meters for Alarm Module.
    11. Add a class change terminal that can be installed.
  2. karlooo

    Nice suggestions but the game needs a change IMO.
    Construction used for defense doesn't impact, defend the objective and the battles are inconsistent. So what happens 90% of the time is your base gets destroyed by multiple enemy tanks advancing forward, with 0 help because nobody knows and also there is no need to support your Player made base that's like half a km away from the lattice base lol.

    What the devs should firstly and finally do is as a test decrease the 'no construction' zone by a lot and see what that will do.

    I noticed that 'Mao Watch Tower' on Indar has a fairly small 'no construction' zone. You can build north west on the edge of the restricted zone, perfect flat area, which defends the Garage which is often used to park Sunderers, adds a second spawn for allies to go to if necessary and the base can stop some enemy tanks, which are pretty impactful in that type of base.

    But again OS causes problems. Once you place it, expect to receive a whole tank division attack because they see you.
  3. RiP0k

    I want to clarify
    1.point is a low version of the turret
    9. Reinforcements Module only works with Sunderer, my suggestion is to add spawn Tube to it
  4. karlooo

    OMG I actually forgot about the Stalker Infiltrator problem that was never solved.
    To actually solve this issue FINALLY! the ANT needs another passive. A passive that will work similar to the Scout Radar.
    So the passive will mark enemy infantry on the map, only showing for the ANT owner player and no one else, even if they are not in motion. This passive will work even when outside the ANT.

    This simple passive will finally fix the infiltrator problem where just one guy can bully you out with little to no way to fight's not easy to find an invisible enemy in a such a large scale player made base.

    This will also give the construction players the ability to counter an infiltrator attack while in the middle of constructing a base, if the player is observant.
    This is another annoying thing that happens often with no way to stop it from happening other than counting on your luck.

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