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  1. StaHoo33

    As title say instead farming kills and chasing that last bullet which lately leads to people jumping in front of you for that last bullet while you get warnings about damn tk. Introduce weapon xp mechanic, so if you score 60% assist you get 60% of a kill xp towards weapon auraxium. Remove kills counter needed to aurax and introduce xp instead, this could solve lot of issues with current game, plus would help with tk a lot. Even if there is 5 people shooting one guy (sic!) they all get some xp towards auraxium on their guns... Simple
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  2. DarkStarAnubis


    Suggested the same many tines :)
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  3. DeadlyOmen

    Weapon XP makes sense, but not as a way of keeping people from jumping in front of one's guns.
  4. Strrog

    I can not stress enough this is long overdue, so many times i get 95-98% assist kills...... its infuriating, and for the achievementsthat will make it more reliable. I remember a good battle yesterday, i was AOE with granade max and only got like 15 kills, while about 70 assists of 90% plus,,, lol.
  5. DemonicTreerat

    Very much needed.
  6. LegendarySalmonSnake

    With the upcoming armor damage xp and removal of normal splash from A2G launchers, this would finally make the launchers directive doable by using them as intended.
  7. LtBomber1

    Good, agree!