[Suggestion] Use the Prototype tank as a placeholder.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quench, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Quench

    The NSO faction lacks a main battle tank. We probably won't get one any time soon, especially since we also still need an ESF. Why not introduce a certless MBT for the NSO in the form of the Prototype to have as a placeholder? It isn't a perfect MBT to give to a faction, but it's something that was programmed for the game a few years ago and would be better than nothing, if it still works with the current build that is.
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  2. LordKrelas

    So you want to give them a Super-Tank?
    As isn't the Prototype Tank a bit absurd; An entire Platoon with them, would be a nightmare.
  3. Quench

    From what I remember of the Prototype tank, it could be defeated by other MBTs. It lacked the ability to strafe, as it had a non-rotating turret and no secondary weapons. It basically was the turret of the Colossus bolted to a Vanguard chassis. I have my doubts of the Colossus being given to the NSO, seeing that it had four turrets strapped to it, so I thought that a weaker version might suffice for the time being.
  4. Demigan

    You seem to have this tank in mind:

    While Quench is talking about this:

    A Vanguard chassis with a big gun. The gun only had elevation up and down but could not traverse sideways. It was basically a tank destroyer that had to turn it's chassis to aim like the Magrider but on the slow Vanguard chassis. It had a higher healthpool but for some reason couldn't spawn with that healthpool so you had to repair it up the moment you spawned it. The shell was slow with lots of drop. While it did decent damage per shot it wasn't very capable of dealing with other MBT's from what I remember.

    Ofcourse damage and health can be changed. Imagine if it became a railgun that charged up and then fires through any tank and infantry in it's path? We've already seen that RPG can create those types of weapons on the test server.
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  5. strove

    Personally i kinda dont want to see NSO just become another faction. They are there to support the existing faction. The max was interesting, the bubble shield, while in need of some tweaking, was an interesting utility allowing them to support a factions infantry rather than being the pushing force itself. I dont want to see them get an MBT or ESF, it rather see them get a utility vehicle with synergies with allied vehicles and more supporting tools to help a factions force rather than just being another gun for them. It would also make the NSO genuinely interesting to play since its not just normal planetside with less options and a random colour...
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  6. Liewec123

    I feel like Javelin fills the role of the unique ground vehicle for NSO,
    The problem is that DBG did their classic abandonment and left it as a useless piece of junk.
    They could make javelin into a functional vehicle, obviously not MBT level, but great,
    But only f they stop wasting time on this stupid "outfit war" which only a tiny fraction of the population get to play...
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  7. Quench

    NSO maxes can also self-repair over time and flip objectives on their own, so they don't 100% rely upon players that they might not even have in their current faction. I would love a support vehicle, but it needs to take into account that the NSO might not even have the players to support, just like the max does.

    In the meantime, I think they should just give the NSO a placeholder vehicle to play with as the devs think out what other things the NSO could have.
  8. Quench

    I still find it amazing that the missiles are sold separately and take up the same slot as gate shield diffuser. I don't know what's more laughable! The damage of those missles or the fact that most gates that I'd want to diffuse through can be flown over with turbo. Come on now.
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  9. Liewec123

    yeah XD
    you can get into tech plants by driving up the arms right next to the gate shield,
    this thing needs a gate shield defuser like a fish needs air.
    its a scout vehicle and guess what they forgot to give it...freaking SCOUT RADAR! XD

    also more laughable than the damage and bad tracking on the 1000 cert missiles is the EEEEIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHT SEEEEEEEECCCCOOOOOOOONNNNNNND REEEEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOAAAAAADDDDDD ;)

    side note: i've actually had my Javelin shoot itself to half health before...
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  10. Demigan

    On the topic itself:

    I dont think there is much to gain by giving NSO's access to unique vehicles and classes, at least not in NSO's current system or paying members only and it being a seperate character. The amount of work required to design, balance and implement the new vehicle will have trouble earning itself back in how much its used due to the small population of NSO players.

    A better method is modifying things when in the hands of NSO characters or giving them special privileges. Imagine NSO characters having access to the weapons, vehicles and items of all 3 factions, but all items not from the faction you are currently on has an increases nanite cost and costless items not from that faction get a small nanite cost to pull. Now NSO's become specialists who can pull anything in support of their faction, like a Prowler while supporting the VS faction.

    Or on a mechanical level you could offer trade-off abilities. An ability that continuously repairs your vehicle but reduces its speed for example? Such abilities would allow the NSO character to alter the basic combat style they use with the vehicle without the devs needing to build a new vehicle from the ground up.
  11. Blam320

    Defectors can't capture control points anymore; they patched that out a long time ago.

    Personally, I'd like to see a generic NS MBT to get added to the game; like people have suggested it should be a tank destroyer that trades the flexibility of Empire Specific MBTs for the ability to be more effective at dealing with vehicles.

    In a google doc I'm working on that compiles a bunch of changes and additions for the game I suggest importing the Devastator from SOE's pre-PlanetSide title Tanarus, which had the Vanguard, Lightning, and Magrider before they became a part of PlanetSide proper.
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