[SUGGESTION] Update the VS Underbarrel GL visual/audio

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Djemo, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. Djemo

    So I recently started playing the VS, and there is a certain thing that is bugging me to no end, the VS Underbarrel Grenade Launcher attachment.

    To clarify, this attachment shares the same visuals/sounds across the factions, which I feel really takes you out of your experience of the faction. Here's all my weapons firing plasma and zappy beams and then I'm suddenly lobbing basic HE grenades with orange visuals.

    This puzzles me because these attachments are not "NS Weapons", they distinctly have their own design for each faction (3 totally different models for each) so they are supposed to be their own unique faction thing. It is okay for TR and NS to share the basic HE detonation orange visual and audio for these Underbarrel Grenades since their armory is based on such type of weaponry, however the VS having the same sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Hell you can even compare the reload animations for this thing, for example TR the soldier opens the underbarrel attachment and slots a grenade into it before closing it up again as opposed to the VS soldier whose animation is literally changing a battery (followed by a tech-like buzzing sound), by all means the end result of what comes out of the attachment does not match what your solder is doing with his energy based weapon, it genuinely feels like an oversight rather than something intended.

    I doubt this is some grand undertaking for a developer to do, I feel this can be approached in the following ways:

    1) Change the visual of the explosion to a teal color when a VS Underbarrel Grenade launcher is firing it. So it would just require a recolor.

    2) Use one of the tons of varied plasma explosion visuals that already exist for the VS between both weapons and vehicles to replace the visual of the current explosion. I guess it would be as simple as assigning a different already existing VFX instead of the current one. And since people already know what explosions VFX look like there wont be any confusion.

    Ideally the audio of the explosion could be changed as well so it does not sound like a HE detonation as well but something more plasma-y. Similarly to the situation with the visuals, there are a tons of varied plasma explosion audio clips from the other weapons/vehicles that can be used here.

    Please consider it, I know it might sound as something minor, but any tidbit of immersion a faction gives should be cherished.

    Thank you.
  2. Djemo

    Out of curiosity, since I don't browse/use the forum, do the devs visit/read what people write on the forums?

    Also on the topic, the Vanu proximity mine has another explosion visual effect that can be used for the underbarrel VS launcher, but preferably actual plasma explosions that exist for other plasma weapons should be implemented. That mine still sounds like a regular "boom" explosion when it explodes as well...