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  1. Tops

    sometimes especially when one harass me or some players team up to kill me when I am alone because the Vanu is not caring for a sector at all I am really raging out. I was banned once for insult spamming and as this could happen again because these players go on my nerves I want to suggest the following:
    1. give an option so one can disable his own chat window. makes it less easy to write in the chat and therefore I am less likely to use the chat to write some bad words.
    2. finally make sure that people have a chance to grow their outfits. all the players stick like glue in the mass-outfits and therfore I never have a chance to recruit some good players. auto-join new players into the active solo or low amount player outfit for the first week or make something else happen that they dont stick all in the big ones especially make it worthy that there will be differences between vehicle and infantry outfits.
    3. I will see what the construction update brings but nothing rages me more than building a base for 30-45 minutes and then 3-5 players harass me while NONE of the entire fraction is willing me to help defend it. I hate it so much that its not possible not to insult people.
  2. CatFoodEnjoyer

    You can unbind the chat from your keybinds so that you cannot type in it. Temporary fix I guess?

    Auto-joining new players into a smaller outfit doesn't really seem like a good idea when considering that a lot of new players only want to participate in the solo aspect of Planetside 2, rather than in a larger group. Forcing them to participate in content that they don't want/aren't ready to participate in wont help.

    Have you tried advertising your outfit in a Discord server?
  3. OSruinedPS1

    First thing I'd remove from the game is outfit tools like OS and bastion.