(((SUGGESTION))) - SOE Clean up the Aimbotting Already

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  1. Earthman

    That person, like many others on Forumside, believes the 1% statistic with nothing else to back it up other than the confidence of the insular and exclusive club they have invited themselves into.

    And they say that people that see cheating happen are the ones imagining things, guilty of wishful thinking.

    Makes me wonder how many of these "elite" might have gotten there with some downloaded help. Even by my estimates, probably not many... but maybe one or two of the most vocal and toxic "cheating rarely or never happens and if you say otherwise I will forum-war you!" types are like that.
  2. uhlan

    Well, I'm not calling vixen out, but I just disagree with his/her assessment.

    However, I can assure you Earthman, that there are more than a few so-called elites that have had selective "help" in their gaming.

    Sometimes one wonders if Queen Gertrude had it ALMOST right. "Me thinks the elite doth protest too much against hacking".
  3. Earthman

    Look at how far out of his way (name redacted, starts with G and ends with N) tried to rally Reddit behind him about how he never cheated and his cheating was totally unfounded.
  4. Cptfalcon88

    It's not a proposal if the devs are already working on it. If it really is one, then OP is a slowpoke.

    It's like saying ''Hey devs! The game is not optimized! Fix it already or you're going to lose players!'' when they are already releasing the O:MFG patches. It's not a proposal, it's simply whining under the form of a demand because he wants it immediately (clue: CLEAN THE AIMBOT ALREADY).
  5. Lugia3


    I ran into a dude using a battle rifle earlier. Turned around and killed me with a series of headshots, before I could kill him with my Nova at point blank... twice. Packed up my galaxy and flew somewhere else after that ********.
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  6. Negator

    you mean this guy?


    2 shots to the head with a battle rifle kill as fast as two point blank nova shots. Look at that killboard, the accuracy, the HSR, the KPM. Nothing suspicious. Ive done the same with the Eidolon plenty.
  7. Lugia3

    Through a 3-story-building slit window where I was behind him?
  8. NC_agent00kevin

    I saw an obvious one a couple weeks ago, inside an ammo tower slaughtering everyone with a Solstice.

    Are you talking about me by any chance? Because I got my ban redacted.

    Anyways, hackers are probably 5-6% of the total population. I mean, there's no reliable way to really draw any hard numbers in this argument. It's as pointless as the theism/atheism argument. One side will always think hackers are rampant, while the other side does not.

    I mean honestly: regardless of what you believe, you should always strive to be better. Even if 7% of the people you meet hack, that leaves 93% of your opposition that doesn't. That's pretty darn good if you ask me.

    My 2c
  10. Badname6587

    I'd put the hacking population at more about 20% of the total population. WIth the obscene amount of views on hacking forums and tens of thousands of downloads for hacking programs out there.. you're literally burying your head in the sand thinking that people aren't abusing maphacks, aimbots, no-recoil, no cof bots out there.

    It's going on for sure, the anti-hack system out there is basically... the honor system. And we all know how that has ruined FPS games for years that haven't implemented anti-hack programs.
  11. Earthman

    Actually no, I was not talking about you, if your posted name in your signature made you think I was.

    Going with what you said, let's say 7% of people cheat, just using your number. Even if 93% don't, that means there's one guy farming through a wall and locking off an objective, or blowing up sunderers while lurking in a hillside. There's an old saying about bad apples spoiling the bunch that I think applies here.
  12. Earthman

    A side thought: Considering how preoccupied some Forumsiders are with the importance of K/D ratios to judge a person's quality of opinion (and integrity and personal life for that matter), to me it's no mystery why some would be compelled to buy cheats to raise their statistics.

    It's buying importance. It's buying attention. Not just here, but in-game. Back when I was on Connery, Future Crew admitted that it had applicants and junior members that were scripting to get membership but they were dealt with. That earned them some respect and praise from me, especially since virtually no other "pro" outfit on the server could even admit that it could happen.
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  13. Scatterblak

    It's only funny when there isn't a preponderance of statistical evidence supporting one of the viewpoints. Then it's just sad.
  14. Earthman

    Yet what do you have to support yours? That's right, the same thing. The hypocrisy is sad.
  15. Negator

    Keep it up mr nobody
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  16. Kunavi

    My latest encounter with a blatant cheater was going 2 on 1 against a Scythe, 2/3 Lib and Mossie. I clearly landed enough Shredder AND Walker shots and it took hits from the Mossie, all my hits clearly registered, Scythe wasn't even burning or smoking, killed the Mossie and we had to run away. I asked them how is that even possible, they said I only hit them x10 with Walker and that they don't know what happened.


    Same session, was in a BioLab and there's an LA flickering in and out of the wall, 1Shotting with slugs. TWICE. Hey YOU! If you're reading this, I have to call it when I see it. >.< I reported too, so did my friend.

    That's YESTERDAY. So yeah. Cheats. They exist. As for ViXen, this person has lost a lot of credibility in my eyes so I don't even bother arguing. Ego bruised? More like PEOPLE JUST CHEATING. :rolleyes: Nice try though.
  17. FLHuk

  18. Giggily

    Yea this BR 20 something with like a 1.x k/d and a .4 kpm on his battle rifle is definitely aimbotting.