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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by bestan, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. bestan

    With what happenened last time with the release of the ESRL and what is happening right now with the 2nd batch of pump action shotgun already being considered OP and superfluous, I think it would be a good thing for all new weapons to be released in advance on the test server for balancing purpose. Maybe even give them an extended trial of several hours, even days, to test the extreme case of everyone having one, before releasing them "for real" on the main server.

    This would reduce all the "X weapon is OP", and "waaa you nerfed my OP gun" that would inevitably appears on the forum.
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  2. Fulmir

    But, um, aren't the new Pump Action Shotguns on the test server right now? >.>
  3. bestan

    Yes they are. That's why people have opinions about them
  4. Regpuppy

    Well, considering the addition of a new weapon usually goes hand in hand with other updates. I'm sure they'll be included as they have more things to test.
  5. carbonite

  6. HadesR

    One would hope this is the case .. Then thing's could be balanced before they spend $ on a OP item .. Unless that's SOE's business plan .. * tin foil hat * :p
  7. Ronin Oni

    only issue I see is that when they release the next update... I probably won't have 1k certs sitting in my bank anymore.

    Ergo, I recommend clump cert handouts to existing test characters with new weapon updates so they can buy some (but perhaps not all) of the new stuff as it comes out.
  8. Eclipson

    Some outfits are doing this. Yesterday Buzz had all of TE use the new pump-action shotguns.
  9. Ash87

    Well rendering verdict on said new shotguns: Don't add them.

    Here is what to do: Take the first Pump action, now put the reload time from the new PAS and put it into the First PAS. Dont' change anything else about the first PAS. Now, never give another PAS again, unless it shoots cats, or whatnot, because the second PAS is in no way, shape, or form necessary for PS2. It's a sidegrade at best from the originals, and still has the OHK. So they are two weapons that do the exact same thing. We didn't really even need One OHK weapon in retrospect, the damage on all PAS should be scaled back so it's going to badly damage someone, and could be OHK on a headshot, but that is about it.
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  10. Aztecoatl

    The perfect balance would not be achieved but I do agree that at least we will test if whether the gun X is OP in a combat situation or not , not on some dummies in VR after the weapon is released to the masses .