[Suggestion] Nerf Pocket Orbitals

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by xMeserionx, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. xMeserionx

    *When I'm talking about "Pocket Orbitals" I'm referring to Orbital Strikes produced via the War Assets screen.*

    Orbital Strikes have ceased to be a big scary threat and have become a punchline because of the frequency of their use lately. It feels like every single person has Orbital Strike on them in every fight and its not unheard for either side to drop 3 or 4 Orbital Strikes on a single base. I don't know if its about farming kills, or some side effect of getting salty; but clearly there is too many Orbital Strikes in the game right now.

    As someone who has spent time doing construction activities in game, its a bit sad that the main "selling point" behind construction is obsolete because you no longer need a base that's well made or anything you can literally drop Orbital Strikes wherever and whenever you want. I'm convinced there are people who make 1 person outfits with the express purpose so they can throw Orbitals whenever they want; frankly its too uch power for 1 person.

    War Asset Orbital Strikes need a nerf!

    The nerf I would apply is simple: for each faction in a hex there is a 1 minute cooldown between Orbital Strikes deployed from the War Assets inventory. This would make Orbitals less spammy and more about strategic use, as it should be. This would only apply to Pocket Orbitals; the charging system present in player-made bases is already an effective balancing measure for their use.
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