[Suggestion] Mortar cannon and AA auto turret

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by warbrand2, Jun 10, 2022.

  1. warbrand2

    Just two suggestions to fill in gaps on the engineer maned deploys.

    Mortar, a long range option designed for shooting at sniper ranges. Has the down side/upside of being indirect fire. With that it has a 300 degree (just short of 360) aim area, and the ability to be placed almost anywhere as long as it is marked as out side.

    AA autoturret, an anti air turret armed with 8 surface to air missile tubes, these tubes fire in 4 shot bursts. This is purely to deal with the lack of AA for the main infantry defensive class.

    Bonus idea: Door shield, a fire blocking shield that doesn't block movement, fits in any doorway (like the standard half shield but full.
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  2. brutes359

    Digging the morter idea. Ive actually dicussed this as a possible MAX weapon before.

    I believe that what you are describing for your AA weapon is called an "AA Mine" and they are actually quite easy to balence too. They just need to self detonate once they use their payload and they would be perfectly fine to use.

    The door shield idea is actually fairly creative. I would add that it should either take damage from small arms or allow enemy infantry to pass through so it doesn't make rooms completely inaccessible but I like the idea. It would be a helpful defensive tool.
  3. MyBroodmother

    I think mortars would cause problems with how planetside deals with cover. as is we have the scorpion and that isn't even that good.

    edit: I mean the planetside players.
  4. warbrand2

    Looking at the equipment we have we already have something that could counter it, the problem is it is blocked behind joining an outfit.

    the umbrella deploy.
  5. TR5L4Y3R

    scorpion subammo could use some small splash, otherwise it´s pretty much a dumbfire misslilelauncher with a rangemarker ...
    might have its bulletdrop reduced as well ..

    also have been asking for flak and ES manaturrets as well as higher pitch on the existing ones for years now ..
  6. ohmikkie

    true. but one can also create an outfit of one like myself.